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Summer trend: cloth shorts

By: Mary Kate Moloney
Executive Arts and Entertainment Editor

Remember in January when we were having extreme winter conditions. We had massive amounts of snow and frigid, below zero temperatures, well rumor has it that summer is going to be HOT. According to WGN chief meteorologist Tom Skillings, this summer is coming early. The summer weather warmth is heading our way, and we have to be prepared. So here I am, giving you insight on one of this summers biggest trends: cloth shorts.

I’m not talking about denim shorts that’s old news. I am talking about a nice cotton-polyester blend or maybe some rayon. As much as denim shorts seem like a good idea on hot days, they’re not. It doesn’t matter how big your thighs are, if you are sweating while wearing denim shorts, you will chafe. Chafe is uncomfortable and avoidable.

Cloth shorts have changed my life. Coining a phrase from Hannah Montana, “you get the best of both worlds”; cloth shorts give you the comfiness of athletic shorts and the cuteness of denim cutoffs.

These shorts come is all sorts of styles. My favorite cloth shorts come in are tribal and floral prints, I pair those with neutral tops creating a comfortable and cute outfit that doesn’t scream, “I’m a try-hard!”

You might have already given cloth shorts a try, and they might have been fugly, but you should give them another chance. This time, don’t go to Urban Outfitters and grab a $70 pair, when you could go to Forever 21 where they are less than $15 and you have to dig to find them.

Trust me, Forever 21 has simpler patterns that tend to be flattering for everyone. Plus, you will be saving $50. It should be a no-brainer.

If you are trying to splurge though, I recommend looking at the surf brands like Roxy or Volcom. They have been designing cloth shorts before it was cool. They have great neutral colors and styles that will match just about everything in your closet.

This summer cloth shorts will be everywhere, so hurry out and buy them before they are basic.

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    MeliaAug 7, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Ah yes, nicely put, evoyrene.