Seth Rogen, Zac Efron revel in raunchy humor

By Iulia VeselNeighbors-Movie

Opinion Editor

In case you see Seth Rogen’s picture popping up on one of AMC’s advertising posters, the first and only thing you should do is go back home, get your wallet, come back and buy a ticket, because you’re in for a treat. Seth Rogen’s not only painfully funny, but he can act too. If you’ve never seen “50/50” or “Knocked Up,” then I feel sorry for you.

The newly released Nicholas Stoller movie “Neighbors” might not keep you off your seat as something like Kurt Sutter’s “Sons of Anarchy” would, but it will sure make your Friday night a little less dull. That is, if you’re over 17 or with an adult sitting next to you, because apparently AMC enjoys making your life just a little bit harder. Like serving lousy slurpees wasn’t enough.

Comedy’s faithful husband, who plays Mac Radner, pairs up with the one and only Rose Byrne, who plays his wife, Kelly Radner,  and embrace the suburbs with their baby daughter Stella in the “Neighbors.” Of course, the ying to their yang is a not-so-child-friendly fraternity house that moves in next door, run by president Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron – who’s come a long way from his “High School Musical” days and showed the world he can actually act, not just make a fool out of himself while failing to even dance and sing right) and vice-president Pete (Dave Franco).  The young couple tries to befriend the group by bringing them a pot peace offering, trying to get them to “keep it daawn a lil’ bit,” and ended up spending the night over at their party. The whole scene is so vividly played, filled with neon flashing lights that might make you feel like you’re on a virtual LSD trip. After the party, Mac promises Teddy that whenever he feels like they’re getting too noisy, he’ll call them first, before calling the cops. Ten missed calls later, Mac breaks his very valuable promise and calls the police, unleashing the grudge that drives the entire movie’s action.

From here on, a series of hilarious pranks follow, until the married couple decides to take action and stand up for themselves. After seeing that talking to the dean won’t fix anything, they decided to take matter in their own hands.

There is one scene after this that had me falling off my seat – but at least I got rid of AMC’s disgusting slurpee. Little baby Stella is playing outside and finds a “balloon” hanging around on their lawn, so she puts it in her mouth, in which moment Mac and Kelly realize an urgent check up for STDs is in need, because their baby just put a used condom in her mouth.

“Neighbors” will keep your mood elevated, even though the ending was as typical as an American comedy ending can get. The ending was disappointing, predictable and boring, yet even so, it beats the hell out of staying home trying to do homework.