School ends, summer camps begin

By Diana Leane
Though the school year may be coming to an end, students will still be in and out of Prospect all summer long. This summer 18 different sports camps will be held at Prospect offering camps for kindergarteners to seniors.
Six of the camps are solely for boys (football, golf, soccer, speed development, track and field and wrestling) while seven are for girls (basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, cheerleading, softball and track and field) and the other five are co-ed (tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo and competitive swim and dive).
The camps offer different perks to the different ages attending the camps. High schoolers already on the teams can stay in shape during the summer, younger children can fight boredom by spending their days active and incoming freshmen can use these camps as stepping stones to joining the teams in the following school year.
Sophomore Nate Silagi was on the basketball and volleyball teams freshmen year and went to both camps last summer. Although Silagi enjoyed the camps, one negative thing he found was that the field house (where the camps were located) was very hot. The other con he found was the volleyball nets were lower than they usually were during the volleyball camp.
Though neither volleyball nor basketball have more specific camps offered within the team, softball and girls’ track and field do. Students ranging from fourth grade to ninth grade have the opportunity to take part in a camp just to work on pitching in softball. Girl students ranging from seventh grade to twelfth grade can take part in a camp just for pole vaulting.
Silagi enjoys these camps since he enjoys volleyball and basketball and finds this is a fun way to spend his summer. Despite the couple of faults Silagi found in the camps, he intends to return to both camps this summer.
link to a timeline of Prospect’s 2014 summer camp schedule.