Schedule Distribution Day reunites students for school year

Kelly SchoesslingStereotypical Freshman
Managing Editor

Sophomore Hannah Piemonte walked into Schedule Distribution Day Monday, August 12 with an extra spring in her step.

The source of Piemonte’s excitement was her thrill to meet up with her classmates to compare and contrast schedules for the upcoming school year.

However, according to Piemonte, last year’s Schedule Distribution Day was a completely different experience.

Piemonte entered PHS her freshman year without knowing many classmates beforehand. Therefore, during last year’s Schedule Distribution Day, she was felt more nervous and intimidated.

Although her first experience at Schedule Distribution Day and Back to School Bash was not ideal, Piemonte is much more comfortable and excited to obtain her schedule for her upcoming sophomore year.

Piemonte wasn’t the only PHS student to rush to school to see her new schedule, though. Schedule Distribution Day was filled with both eager and reluctant students all waiting for to start off the new school year.

The source of the fun and laidback vibe of Schedule Distribution Day can be mostly traced back to the simultaneously occurring Back to School Bash.

Back to School Bash is an annual carnival-type event at PHS, that encourages students to partake in fun games and rides.

This year’s Back to School Bash was no exception. The fair included entertainment such as zip-lines, high strikers, obstacle courses and even a frozen yogurt truck.

Although Back to School Bash is eventful, freshman Jimmy McDermott believes that the main the source of excitement that comes from annual Schedule Distribution Day is the opportunity to be reunited with fellow classmates in a familiar setting.

“It’s a way to reconnect with the people you might have lost touch with throughout the summer,” McDermott said.

Sophomore Zoe McRae agrees that Schedule Distribution Day is mainly a day focused on socializing with friends as well as welcoming in new freshmen.

“I think being a freshman you don’t really know what [Schedule Distribution Day] is all about yet,” McRae said.  “Once you’re a sophomore and junior though, you know what to expect for the new year.”

Whether students attended Schedule Distribution Day as incoming freshmen or experienced seniors, the event seemed to begin the school year with numerous reunions between friends as well as new chapters for fresh faces.