Back to school essentials

By Ivanka Northrop
Features Editor
With the new school year approaching, things are crazy busy, but back to school shopping is at the top of the to-do list for many. Before you start the new year, make sure that these fashion items are present in your closet.
#1: Sneakers
These shoes are crucial to anyone’s wardrobe. No matter your style, sneakers such as Keds, Vans or Converse are definitely a necessity. Not only are they comfy and cute, but most sneakers tend to match with just about anything. Throw them on with jeans and a top or wear them with a dress or skirt for a girlier look. Sneakers give a laid back and casual effect to any outfit. They are good to wear even when approaching the cooler months or during spring and summer. They are relatively inexpensive and a definite must for the school year.

#2: Flannels/Plaid button downs Lets face it: as the year goes on, people tend to care less about their outfits and more about comfort. Flannels are warm but not hot. Wear this boyfriend style piece as a top with leggings or jeans. You can also tie them around your waist as an accent to your outfit.  

#3: Cardigans For the transition months like October and November, or March and April when the weather starts to change and sweaters are just too hot, cardigans are a nice option. Open knit cardigans, or cardigans without buttons, will add a relaxed, bohemian feel to your outfit. They keep you warm, but if you feel you’re boiling in an overheated classroom, you always have the option of taking it off. Pair a neutral colored cardigan with any printed or solid top and jeans or leggings. If you feel like dressing up a little, wear your cardigan with your favorite dress or skirt, and finish it off with sneakers, flats or boots.

#4: Cropped tops/sweaters
The 90s are coming back into style as the crop top trend skyrockets. Throughout the summer, crop tops were popular, and the trend shouldn’t stop as the weather changes. Pick up a cropped sweater or two, and pair it with some high waisted jeans or a circle skirt for a flawless 90s look.
#5: High waisted jeans This 80s fashion favorite is a must for the school year. High waisted jeans come in all kinds of different washes and styles. Pair these with a crop top and boots or sneakers. By wearing these with a shorter top, it
will accentuate the higher cut of the jeans.

While links have been provided to stores, these aren’t the only places to find the clothes. Many of the retro pieces can be found at thrift stores for great prices! Get ready to rock your style this year!
Grace Peisker and Caitlin Anderlik featured in pictures.