How to get involved

photoKaty Ryan
In-Depth Editor
A new school year means new classes, new teachers, new friends and new possibilities.  Starting fresh can be both exciting and intimidating.  A good way to combat nerves and to feel more comfortable at Prospect is to join a club, sport or other activity.  This allows you to both meet people with similar interests as you and enjoy yourself while doing something you love in the middle of what could possibly be a stressful week of school.  Who knows, you may even find friends you have for a lifetime.
Want to get involved? It’s easy. Know someone in a sport or activity you want to join? Ask them who the coach or supervisor is or see (here) for a list of all supervisors.  Talk to them in person, shoot them an email or ask your friend if it’s OK for you to come to a meeting.
Listen to the announcements.  You may zone out during these, but they are announcements for a reason.  Many times, clubs and other activities talk about their starting date or upcoming activities.  See if you can tag along with them and know more about what the club is like.
Keep your eyes out in the hallway, too.  There are always posters and flyers in the hallways.  Take a minute to stop and read them on your way to lunch, you next class or after school.  It may seem better just to look it up later and talk to your friends now, but sometimes if you take the extra minute you can learn some valuable information about an activity and other things too.
So take that extra minute to read a flyer. Go talk to your friend on that team.  Make new friends, enjoy yourself and be happy.  There’s a whole new school year up ahead waiting for you.  Get involved in the Prospect community — you won’t regret it.  Just join a club, sport or other activity and see the world open up to you.