The U expectations for 2014

By Lauren Miller
Online Associate Editor-in-Chief 
It’s that time of year again; time to bask in the the lights that shine brightly down on the football field every Friday night and feel the drum line beat pulse through you. The anticipation is not only for the start of the Knights’ football season, but also the U’s.
The U drew large crowds last year with theme nights and music speakers, as well as a fun atmosphere.
“We kind of liked where the U was at last year,” senior Alex Blethen said. “We had a big crowd all the time, and it really helped to start where we left off and keep it running expanding out some more.”
But this year the U wants to go even bigger.
“We really want to get it so more of the whole school is involved rather than the upper class men: to get the underclassmen, freshmen and sophomores, and just keep trying to build it up,” Senior Eryk Krzyzak said.
The U plans not only to expand in size but in variety as well.
“We’re looking to have a variety of support athletic wise. We’re hoping that for other sports, not just football and basketball, the fan section just gets bigger too,” Krzyzak said. ”We really are looking to expand it and move the focus not so much on football as it was in the past, but to every sport.”