Function vs. fashion finding the right backpack

Function vs. fashion finding the right backpack
With the new year starting, finding the right backpack is imperative to starting school off right. For some, backpacks have to endure the wear-and-tear of a stressful school year. However, other students prefer backpacks that contribute more to their appearance rather than academics. To decide what stores have the best backpack that fit photo 1your function, check out this Prospector edition of, “Fashion or Function?”

TJ Max
Having a stylish backpack doesn’t have to mean spending a substantial amount of cash. The fashionable backpacks at TJ Max are consistent proof of this. This store is the perfect place to visit if students want a fun accessory without the huge pricetag. Check out their online selection of backpacks for as low as $20.00. However, students should keep in mind that the quality of these bags may vary depending on its original brand. Either way, TJ Max is the worth the browse.
Costo/ Sam’s Club
Maybe it’s just because I love buying in bulk, but I highly recommending checking out the backpack section of the nearest Costo or Sam’s Club for a toughphoto 2 book bag. If you’re a student who avoids their locker like the plague and likes having all supplies in one place, these stores provide a wide array of backpacks with tough material that will withstand every binder you throw at it. Oh course, there is a catch. These sturdy book bags usually run a higher price. However, it’s important to remember that these backpacks will most likely last longer through your high school career.
Function and fashion
Of course, Target has always been a go-to store for room decorations, cheap clothing and other supplies. But Target truly is one of the few stores that offers both of a variety of fashionable backpacks as well as functionable book bags that will last the year. Target is also a great store to visit because it doesn’t cater to a younger age group. The store displays supplies for teenagers as well as kids. Target is also a nice medium because of its price range. Although the backpacks will not be as cheap as TJ Max, they’re prices are almost guaranteed to be reasonable.