Things to remember during high school

imgresBy Isabelle Rogers
Entertainment Editor
Freshman year:
No matter how you picture it, your first day of high school will probably be as mundane as the next kid’s. You’ll be over prepared when it comes to supplies, and you’ll have that “fresh out of middle school” air emanating off of you. Ignore the ever-present sense of anxiety that follows you around when in a new, scary place because you will only ever need one thing when it comes to high school. The most important school supplies you will ever need are colored pencils. There is nothing worse than borrowing colored pencils from the grimy kid next to you that still hasn’t learned how to practice good hygiene. Your opportunity to use colored pencils will only increase as the years go by, and the classes get more boring. Never underestimate the power of such cheap entertainment.
Sophomore year:
To put it plainly, the highlight of sophomore year’s academic plans is taking the pre-ACT. Honestly if you’re going to slack off, this is your year. Believe me when I say there will be more than enough essays in lit class and labs in chemistry to bump your grade back up a letter. If you did not follow the advice written for freshman year, grab yourself a pack of colored pencils because sophomore year is two meaningless semesters full of mindless doodles and long days. Just don’t become too much of a wise fool.
Junior year:
For junior year, you will need to grab a box of tissues and a fluffy pillow because this is the year you’ll be the most sleep deprived and stressed. After staying up late to finish the homework you put aside to the last minute, you get to go to school to 6 different teachers all giving you the same lecture about being prepared for the ACT and SAT. According to, the average 2013 score for Illinois is 20.6. If your out of state dream-school offers in-state tuition for a high ACT score, Illinois’s average makes taking the test so much more intimidating and pressured. Remember, your mental health and overall happiness should go before anything else.
Senior year:
Let’s be real; if you know you are going to slack off senior year, do it right. Do not waste your time taking five AP classes when you’re only going to daydream about getting out of high school. Take the classes you always thought looked interesting. Keep in mind that the college you have chosen to attend has the right to revoke any and all scholarships you’ve earned because of failing grades. Don’t ruin your chances at something great just because you’re too lazy to work for it.