"Bully" to be shown to all students Tuesday

imagesBy Grace Berry
Executive News Editor
This Tuesday, September 9th all students will be watching the documentary Bully. Students will be watching the film in their 1st period class and will have a discussion about the film afterwards. To fit the movie into the school day there will be an alternate bell schedule (see below).
The Social Emotional Learning committee, a group of about 30 teachers from all departments in the building, came with the idea to show this movie during class last year. They wanted to raise awareness for issues that really affect students and bullying seemed like the problem that needed to be addressed the quickest.
Assistant Principal Luke Pavone hopes this movie will show students the impact of their actions onto others. Pavone believes Prospect has a great student body, but since there are so many students it’s hard to know what each student is going through.
“Overall we really do feel we have a great student body here,” Pavone said. “We just hope [this movie] will open up eyes and maybe people will be more apt to stepping in and sticking up for a classmate.”
Alternate Bell Schedule:
1st: 7:30-8:05
Movie and Discussion: 8:10-10:15
4th: 10:20-10:55
5th: 11:00-11:35
6th: 11:40-12:10
2nd: 12:15-12:50
3rd: 12:55-1:30
7th: 1:35-2:10
8th: 2:15-2:50