Hot or Not?
This new addition to the Prospector is written by a pair of witty, snarky and VERY opinionated girls (KellyRoseMcAleer and Beth Rowe). We’ll let you know what’s hot or not in pop culture, current events and in real life, and why it’s hot or not. This list will be updated regularly, and if you want us to comment on something particular, e-mail us at [email protected]. Note: The Hot or Not list may be labeled under “hot.” Not to brag, or anything.
11/18/09 (Note: The topics with *’s are references to our Journalism field trip to Washington D.C. last week)
*Washington, D.C. is totally the shiz! You should visit immediately! The sights are beautiful (despite the rain we experienced), and so are the people! You meet hotties all the time! Awesome, right? Does anyone else feel that my hot or nots are a little bit too focused on my Journalism trip? Because I certainly do. Oh well. (BR)
*Hurricane Ida was the stinker-butt that made our trip to Washington D.C. less pleasant than we expected. For four days there was constant rain, freezing weather, and wind so bitterly cold it was if we had never left Chicago. The weatherman had predicted sunny weather in the 60’s, so we all brought light clothes…and subsequently froze our booties off. So you know what? I blame that stinker-butt of a weatherman, too! Ida, you could have cut us a break and settled down for just a few days. But you chose not to. I would tell you to jump in a lake, but that would only make you more powerful. (KRM)
*Sassy tour guides Hoping to experience Washington D.C. to the fullest, our group decided to get a tour guide. Unfortunately for her (though funny for us) the microphone kept cutting off while she was in the middle of telling us about the old buildings and such. It went from inconvenient to funny when she started swearing at the microphone at the EXACT moment it began working again. Her rule was that when we got out of the bus we would pause at monuments until “the butterflies on [her] umbrella start[ed] flapping,” signaling that we should move on. Memorable. (KRM)
*Snobby airplane neighbors – Listen, lady. We know we were late in getting to the airport. We are a tad embarrassed that the flight attendent had to call our names over the intercom and announce that the plane was willing to leave without us. We just ran past security and cut a butload of people in line  – so your sassy comments about how late we are are simply unnecessary! Especially because you got on the plane right behind us! Hypocrite. (KRM)
*5 Guys Restaurant – I experienced the 5 Guys restaurant for the first time in Washington, D.C. I didn’t even know we had one next to Chipotle! (Unfortunately, our local 5 Guys doesn’t open untill 11 a.m. Sorry, kids who have a fourth hour lunch). Though at first I worried it was a tad expensive, I realized I had my money’s worth when I dumped out the bag to reveal approximately 75 potatoes’ worth of fries. They were scrumptious. (The burger also rocked). BUT THEY SOAK EVERYTHING IN PEANUTS SO DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC! (Sean Lynch, I hope you read this…) (KRM)
*People who take the elevator from the second floor, really? You honestly just couldn’t muster up the physical strength to walk DOWN two flights of stairs to the lobby? Do you have any idea how crowded hotel elevators get when there are, oh, roughly 6,000 students staying there in one weekend? I’ll tell you: really freakin’ crowded. And you honestly expect us to be cool with it when you slow down the journey to the lobby, or worse, take our spot on the elevator? Walking is GOOD for you. (BR)
*Wheelchairs Last week’s episode of “Glee” made wheelchairs extremely hot. Of course, most of that probably had to do with Artie‘s personality, which we had a peek of for the first time. Instead of being the cute and quiet kid in the wheelchair who hides on the sidelines, Artie came alive. Artie pulled off some sweet wheelchair dancing, and even Kurt got the hang of wheelchairs enough to add some “flair” to his spin. And of course, watching the episode with the Prospector staff in our hotel room just made everything more funny. (KRM)
*Not using rolling luggage was a bad choice. Carrying my filled-to-the-brim backpack, overstuffed duffelbag, bulky winter coat and my purse while I stood up in the middle of the crowded Metro, waiting to get to the hotel was not only incredibly space-consuming (and the source of dirty looks from Washington D.C. commuters who had to squeeze into a corner of the car), but incredibly painful. My back still hurts. (BR)
Cereal has become my life source lately. I would probably starve without it. If I forget to eat breakfast, I can always just go into JMo’s room and steal Reese’s Puffs from Theater Angels (I’m sorry. I’ll come this week, I promise)! If I get home from play practice and I’m looking for an afternoon snack, cereal! If no one is home and I’m sick of waiting for dinner, guess what is waiting for me in my cabinet? You guessed it! Cereal! (BR)
My crappy iPod speakers that I just bought last week are already faulty! They randomly shut off as they please, and they only charge my iPod when they feel like it! It just goes to show that when portable speakers have a $40 price tag, it really is too good to be true. Now, I have no way to jam (and I love to jam). (BR)
Bo Burnham is my future husband. He meets my two main requirements: funny, and he can sing! What more could you want? For those of you who are culturally deprived, he is an absolutely hi-larious singing comedian who got his start by posting funny videos on youtube (oh, youtube). Not only do I literally pee my pants laughing whenever I watch his videos or listen to his music, but he is also is a totally cute and nice guy! How do I know this? I have met him (see my facebook profile pic). He actually sticks around after his shows to meet and take pictures with his fans! And comments back on his facebook wall! And he’s really tall and sort of dorky in an adorable way! And next week, we meet again! I have tickets and you best believe my friends and I are sticking around so that I can tell him the plan: we get married and have hilarious yet socially awkward children. I’m sure that won’t scare him off. (BR)
*Dream-crushers, why must you stomp on my hopes? Whether it’s my friends telling me that no, Bo Burnham actually will not fall in love with me as soon as he sees me (again), or *boys from New York telling me not to go to NYU because it’s overrated, I have one thing to say. These things are all opinions. Whether they are well backed up or not, they are still just opinions, so if they aren’t nice, keep them to yourself! My fragile sense of hope can’t take it! Wahhh! (BR)
Unhealthy food. Yes, I know it is not good for me. Hence the “unhealthy.” That being said, it just tastes better. Also, some college kid on the Metro also informed me that my metabolism is a ticking time bomb, and it will slow down as soon as I get to college (oh noes!), therefore, I must take advantage of it now! And to someone who will not be named, stop stealing my apple juice at play practice. I realize that it is so full of sugar that is basically diabetes in a bottle. Why do you think I like it so much?!? (BR)
HGTV is the channel that everyone in my house seems to be addicted to. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it: watching shows about people decorating homes, building homes, buying homes, selling homes? I just don’t know how anyone could be that interested in homes, that they would want to watch shows about them consecutively, over and over. If I have to watch one more episode of House Hunters, I may just lose it. (BR)
The American Problems solitary confinement project sounds wonderful. I get to sit in a quiet room, by myself, with a sleeping bag and a pillow, a radio, and a book. No one will be there to bother me, or tell me to do chores or homework. I just get to sit, by myself, and actually take sometime to think and relax with some reading? This sounds more like a reward than a punishment. Yes, I realize that over long periods of time this could drive a person cuckoo, but three hours? Sounds pretty awesome, if you ask me.(BR)
Lack of inspiration for things to write about. I have a huge issue generating pages for Creative Writing, and I have resorted to some strange measures! Lack of inspiration to do homework is obvious, why would I spend class time doing homework when I could distract random classmates? Much more fun! But for Hot or Not, you guys can help me! Tell me what to write about! Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? (BR) AND (KRM) agrees
My Life is Average is another fun alternative to homework! If you have never been to…well, you just don’t even KNOW, do you? It’s awesome! Despite the fact that I’m pretty sure about half of them are made up, I still like to pretend that they’re all real (so that I can imagine that there are thousands of nerds just like me out there! I like the Harry Potter stories!) (BR)
Water has been found on the moon. Well, that’s magnificent. Now the scientists are going to figure out a way for us to live on the moon, and we’ll just kill THAT planet, too. Global Warming Part 2, or something. I can just imagine a future where humans inhabit the moon: the earth isn’t overcrowded anymore, but the moon is littered with garbage and full of graffiti. Imagine: back on earth, you and your date go out for a ride in his flying car, look up at the moon and see…a giant sign for a McDonalds. Romantic. (KRM)
Start Loving (the person) I met my first real hippy! Start Loving is a man who, along with his friends, camps outside across the street from the White House everyday, 24/7. It’s legal for them to sit there, as long as they don’t fall asleep because that would be camping out, which is illegal. Start Loving is part of a group of people that are protesting nuclear weapons, and global warming. They are determined to make the world better for our young generation. I introduced myself to Start, who called me “sister.” When he heard I was from Chicago, he thanked me and our city for sending America one of its best Presidents. We are now Facebook friends and e-mail pals. Hippy dippy love! (KRM)
Seeing New Moon at midnight = Hot: No more waiting! Staying up late on a school night! Going to the theater with all of the other die-hard fans! Not: Crazy screaming fangirls who squeal over parts of the dialogue. Knowing that half of the people probably didn’t read the books until they saw the first movie. Being so tired the next day that you don’t fully remember the movie. The fact that MY MUMSEY (that’s Carla McAleer) will not allow me to attend the midnight premiere! Feel free to express your outrage over this injustice by calling my house and lecturing her. (KRM)
Southern accents are just sexy. Cute when girls have them, smoldering when guys do. Since watching True Blood I find myself particularly attracted to Louisiana accents, which have a twang but don’t remind me of hillbillies. Is the term “hillbillies” even correct? I know “billy goat” is OK to say…hmmm…anyways, southern accents just remind me of old-fashioned good manners. And Jasper Hale. Yum! (KRM)
Justice failing (also see “Law Abiding Citizen.” Looks like a great movie). Anyways, I am the only one who gets really ticked when you watch Law and Order and it’s one of those episodes where the bad guy gets away? I swear, if I wasn’t so lazy I would go to law school and become a lawyer so I could do something about that. Or maybe I’ll take the easy path and become a Boondock Saint 😉 (KRM)
Roxanne is not only the name of a good song by the Police (with a great cover by Fall Out Boy). It is also the name that my dad wanted to name me! I always thought that would have been cool…unfortunately my mommy wouldn’t allow me to be named after a hooker. Sigh… (KRM)
Dorian Gray Syndrome Having just read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, I was completely fascinated by this syndrome. The book is about a young man who sells his soul to the devil so he can stay young and beautiful forever — so what kind of psychological syndrome could this be?! Basically, it’s when you’re incredibly anxious about your body’s “defects” and are obsessed with yourself. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: using hair growth restorers, using Viagra, getting facelifts or liposuction, and other plastic surgery. Geez. And you thought it was creepy when your friends’ mom wore her daughter’s clothes…not even close. (KRM)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, aka the book that got my little brother into readingThe Magic Treehouse books caught his attention for a while, and he would have us read them to him. But now he goes of and reads to himself, by himself. I had him read to me over the phone when I was in Washington – hearing him talk about “cute butts” made me crack up and finding out that he read 147 pages in a few hours made me prouder than you can guess.(KRM)
11/3/09 (Warning: some of the following links lead to websites such as Facebook and Myspace, so don’t click on them while in school).
Diet soda: I don’t care how much artificial sweetener you put in, or how many advertisements you have claiming that it tastes just like the original.  Diet soda tastes like butt.  Plain and simple.  So if you want to ingest that crap, which by the way is worse for you than regular soda over a long period of time (I’m looking at you, Diet Coke addicts), be my guest.  But don’t you dare tell me that I “might as well drink it because it tastes the same.” Liar! (BR)
Winter clothing: No more freezing in the cafeteria while wearing a T-shirt.  No more trying to match my shoes to my skirt!  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, winter clothing season has officially started, which means you can all look forward to seeing me in sweatpants, sweatshirts, and sweaters (basically anything that starts with sweat….ew) starting now! (BR)

iPod “Browsers”: We all have those friends.  The friend who takes your iPod and proceeds to scan through the list,criticizing the music you have and complaining about the artists you don’t.  This “browser” is the worst kind of music snob: not only do they give you their expert advice on what bands you should be listening to, they go as far as to judge you based on your iTunes library. “You only have one song by this band?  Obviously you’re a poseur. A true fan would have every single one of their albums, including the bootleg EPs.” You know who you are, browser. And look, I’m sorry that I don’t have music from some obscure artist that a total of 37 people have actually heard of. I hate to say it, but some bands are obscure for a reason.  Now put down my head phones and move away from the touch screen.(BR)
P!nk has been my hero since I was a kid. She isn’t afraid to be a badass, she’s just herself. If every “juvenile delinquent” grew up to be this successful…I can’t even imagine how the world would be. P!nk spells her name with an exclamation point, has a kickin’ voice both on CD and live, and her VMA performance with the trapeze? Amazing. It was flawless – she managed to sing “Sober” while having a trapeze artist swinging her body around like a prop doll. Through ups and downs, she is here to stay(KRM)
Strawberry Pop-tarts, you are half the reason I gained the “Freshman 15” as a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL. The other half of the reason is your step-brother, the S’mores Pop-tarts. Devil’s food, both of you! Yes you taste wonderful, and you let me pretend I’m being healthy by advertising yourself as a “good source of 7 vitamins and minerals,” and being made with “real fruit” but we both know the truth. Since then I’ve (sort of) learned self control, but every day I see you through the vending machine window – watching. Waiting. Mocking.  (KRM)
The Swine flu…er, “H1N1 virus” Seriously, it’s all the rage this (flu) season! So many people have it/will have it, it’s like the “popular” disease. You know you want to contract it, just so you can tell the grandkids, “I survived the H1N1 virus of ’09!” Oh, you brave, brave soul. Please, it’s just another strain of the flu. Calm down, and don’t be a Negative Nancy!  “Oink oink oink” means “I love you!” (KRM)
Lunch Ladies who judge you based on your lunch. You know what? My “lunch” starts at 10:20 a.m.! So YES, ladies of the lunchroom, I AM going to buy a bagel or a donut or pop tarts (I lied before. I have no control and I still eat pop tarts. There is an empty wrapper next to my keyboard right now.) Whenever I’m innocently paying for my lunch and one of you says, “Oh, healthy lunch, huh?,” I just want to ask if I should tip you for your commentary, or if it’s free. I mean, really. If you’re going to put all of those cookies, ho hos, pieces of cake, candy bars, and breakfast treats in front of us then YES we are going to eat them. (KRM)
Fuzzy Socks rock my world. Legit. Regular socks are so thin, and they stretch out, and they’re boring colors (not that I personally consider “white” a color.) But fuzzy socks are just ridiculous. Unlike fuzzy sweaters or other such outerwear, these socks are also super-soft on the INSIDE! And COLORFUL. Seeing something unexpected, like bright purple, on my feet makes my eyes more awake and happy. Plus, you can get fuzzy socks that have little animal faces on the side – I wear purple monkeys! The only bad part is the length. Mine are always longer than your average sock, but shorter than a knee sock, and when I wear them with my gym shoes for gym class…I kind of look like an idiot. But I don’t care! Because my feet are comfortable and WARM! Are yours??? (KRM)
Toe Socks are dead to me. They never did anything for me. Colorful? Yes. Warm? Nope. Not mine. Maybe your pair was special to you, but after the initial fascination, I began to question why each of my toes needed its own blanket. It was an unnatural feeling to have all of my toes separated and untouching. My toes are a TEAM that need to huddle TOGETHER so my feet can conserve their warmth! Besides, I do not need little mittens for my feet! I am not a monkey! My feet are a separate entity from my hands so please do not try to treat them like the same person! (KRM)
Banksy — Have you Google’d this guy? He’s so insanely amazing. If you’re in Humanities, then you know he spray painted the wall between Israel and Palestine with  mind-blowing images that back up the movements he believes in (atheism, anarchism and anti-war for example), all while under the watch of guards with snipers in a guard tower. But this mysterious young man has also tagged his art all over the world (especially England, which is believed to be his home country). Banksy will go into art museums and hang up his own art! Just put glue on the back of a frame featuring a historical figure with a pie in his face, carry it into the museum in a bag, hang it up, and see how long it lasts until museum personal take it down. Look him up. (KRM)
Slutty Halloween costumes: So I was thinking about being Hermione Granger for Halloween, considering I have the prerequisite curly brown hair and my Daisy Buchanan idea was stunted by inability to find a good dress.  I show up at the Halloween store, and what do I see there?  Not “Hermione.”  No, no, no.  “Slutty Hermione”  I have a question for you, the female population of Prospect, and the companies from whom you buy your scandalously short bumblebee outfits: Why does Halloween have to be an opportunity to skank up?  When your costume is a nurse, it’s a slutty nurse.  When your costume is a vampire, it’s a slutty vampire.  When your costume is a pumpkin, it’s a slutty pumpkin (How I Met Your Mother reference–anyone?).  So do me a favor: back away from the fishnets, and try some leggings.  Take off the stilettos and try some classic flats.  And when you try on that oh-so-short Tinkerbell costume, consider whether you want the whole school to see what color underwear you’re wearing. (BR) Note from KR: Plus, why dress slutty in OCTOBER when you live in the MIDWEST? Brrr!!! So impractical!
The “Red Sticker” foods: Oh, what’s that, Prospect High School?  I shouldn’t eat the snacks in the vending machines that have the little red stickers?  Well, I am just going to have to disagree, because basically all of the good stuff is bad for you.  Plus, it makes me feel dangerous to live on the edge…food-wise.  And if you really didn’t want us to eat it, you would take it out of the vending machines!  So just admit it, whoever it is that controls what food we have in the machines, you like the red sticker food, too!  Ha! (BR)
Cleaning up my room so the cleaning lady can come: Wait, I’m sorry, did I hear you correctly, mother?  You want me to clean my room?  But I thought the cleaning lady was coming this week.  Oh yes, I recall, I have to clean up my room so that she can more easily clean my room.  Because that makes sense. (BR)
Paula Deen: Although you exude southern comfort and sweetness, cut back on the butter, Paula, or you wont be on TV much longer. Like that time you used 12 sticks of butter in a cake!…just kidding. But in all seriousness, you are a bad influence on my dad! If you could see the way he slathers butter on his bread, you would be proud, but I am horrified! And if thousands of Americans spontaneously die of heart attacks, I am looking at YOU. (KRM)
“Paranormal Activity”: Could be this decade’s “Blair Witch Project,” (aka The Scariest Movie of the Decade) according to critics. On the other hand, Playboy Bunny Bridget from “The Girls Next Door” twittered, “My palms were sweating with anticipation and nervousness throughout Paranormal Activity. Unfortunately, it never paid off…Not too scary. A lot of people in the theater were REALLY scared: jumping and screaming but I think a lot of this movie is hype. I wasn’t scared.” Maybe the fear factor just went over her head…? (KRM)
Heidi Klum changing her last name, to take on her husband Seal’s? To become “Heidi Samuel”?? At least people recognize YOUR last name, Heidi! Seriously Heids, be a hardxcore feminist and make him change HIS name to “Seal Klum”! I definitely didn’t know Seal had a last name. Seal is the male equivilant of Cher: we don’t know your last name and we don’t need to know, it’s just a formality for lawyers and the cops. Whatevs. (KRM)
Nicole Kidman goes back to her natural hair color: That’s right, Nicole. Now you are my idol times two. Ginger representation!! Lord knows you looked like a ghost with your white skin and practically-white hair. Not a good look my darling, but now that you are back to your natural roots, maybe Beth will learn to respect us redheads and finally call off the event she has been planning: “Ginger Hunt ‘09.” (KRM)
Paparazzi: “Jon and Kate + 8″ Edition: The coverage of them was nice when they were a low-key and drama freefamily. Eight cute kids who are the product of a child-loving and happy couple? Sure, I’ll watch that. But now? I’ve got my OWN family drama, I dont want to hear about YOURS! Your TV show was supposed to be a relief from real life!! And really, Jon? Man whore much? If little Collin is influenced by you and grows up to be a “playa,” America will have your HIDE. (KRM)
Elizabeth Taylor: Her eyes are violet!! I’m not sure what else I can say. Purple eyes. Eyes purple. All natural! (KRM)
Mischa Barton’s appearance: Why do I always look at pictures of you and get the impression that you’re seriously ill? IDK what it is about you, but something is screaming “I am not healthy!” Get that checked out, man. Put some life in your hair…or eyes… (KRM)
Kim Kardashian’s appearance: That girl has recently been wielding some WICKED-cool eyeliner. And anyone who knows me knows how much I appreciate skilled eyeliner…you go, Kim. (KRM)
David Letterman’s affair: thanks for telling us, Letterman. Hearing that you had an affair with a staff member is #3 on my “Top 10 Things I Never Ever Wanted to Know About David Letterman.” (KRM)
Cougars: If old men can carry young, boxum blondes on their arms than why can’t women? Admittedly Linda Hogan’s affair with a young man that is her son’s age is gross, but COUGAR POWER to all of the women out there who just want a young man to appreciate them. Men having been dating women half their age since at least the 16th century. It is definitely time to get femme fatale. (KRM)
Disney animated movies: Although Disney movies come jam-packed with fun songs and good morals, they are still an awful influence. Why? Because they made the little girl inside me wait for the movie-perfect moment when my own Prince Charming would come. And I waited. And waited. Still waiting…and now I am reduced to a searching for him on Facebook. You can bet Ariel never had to deal with this crap. (KRM)
Fight Club: The first rule of Fight Club – you do not talk about Fight Club.  The second rule of Fight Club – YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!!! Not only does it star two major hotties (Brad Pitt and Edward Norton), it is simply the mostintense movie I have seen in my life.  If you have not already checked it out, please do so. (BR)
Radio: I am so sick of the radio.  If its never-ending stream of male enhancement advertisements weren’t enough to push me over the edge, its complete lack of originality in song choice does it.  If I wanted to hear the same five songs over and over again, I would just listen to a CD on repeat.  In fact, that may be preferable seeing as how I wouldn’t have to hear all of the call-ins from the ignorant people who tune in to these radio stations.  Even when I hear a song that I love, it comes with a bitter aftertaste; once a song becomes popular, I know that it will be replayed and replayed until it has been so thoroughly beaten to death that its only a shell of its former awesomeness.  Take a little advice from me and burn some CDs or plug in your iPod — save yourself the misery. (BR)
Knitting: It is so not for grandmas anymore!  It is easy and very relaxing, not to mention jam-packed with cool!  And for you naysayers out there, let me ask you this: do you know how to make your own Gryffindor scarf?  Oh, yeah.  I do, suckas! (BR)
Jillian Michaels: Her video tapes are the worst gym experience I have to date, and that includes puking after the 12-minute run sophomore year.  Not only does she spend half the time talking about how you can’t get amazing abs like herswithout “earning them,” I don’t see her earning anything except a large slap from the other fitness instructors doing all of the work while she gabs about fitness.  Kay thanks. (BR)
Nerds: Attention all nerds: your time has come.  Not only has your sense of fashion gone from downright ridiculous to fashionable, it turns out that some people now value a sexy brain over a slammin’ bod!  So feel free to poindexter it up, ’cause we like it! (BR)
Fall weather: Usually, I am the type who loves fall weather.  All I want to know is why–why did fall come so soon and suddenly?  I had to scrape frost off of my windshield the other morning.  Frost!  I enjoy a cup of hot cocoa as much as your average kid, but I think we need to tone it down a notch, okay Mother Nature?  Too soon. (BR)
Muse: Have you ever listened to Muse?  I mean, besides that one song that was in Twilight (It’s called “Supermassive Black Hole” in case you didn’t know)?  As a fairly recent convert to the Matthew Bellamy fangirl cult, I highly recommend you check out Muse’s killer guitar solos and crazy-good falsetto descants, especially in Black Holes and Revelations.  You will not be disappointed.  Personal recommendation: “Map of the Problematique,” “Hysteria,” “Uprising,” or “Starlight.” (BR)
Calculus: I cannot even begin to describe how much I loathe you.  I mean, limits?  I don’t even know what a limit is, let alone whether it exists or not.  Why must you torture me? (BR)
Spelling and Grammar: Now, I know I am going to be absolutely nailed if I misspell a single word in this blog, but this needs to be said.  I do not care that you are online and you feel that your ability to use a keyboard has given you some sort of creative license.  The fact that we live in the technologically-obsessed 21st-century does not mean that it is socially and grammatically acceptable for you to hack up the English language in any sort of random pattern that seems fitting to you.  Learn to type like a human being. (BR)
Bon Bons: Thank you, French students, for selling me Bon Bons.  They are deliciously horrible for me, and that unhealthy little extra rush of sugar really peps me up.  And I find the fact that I could probably finish one package in about thirty seconds flat impressive rather than disgusting. (BR)
Anna Paquin is my not-so-secret and awkward girl crush. She rocked as ‘Rogue’ in the “X-Men” movies, and was adorable in “Fly Away Home,” a movie about a little girl who shows the ducks she adopted how to fly south. (It’s cooler than it sounds; Anna has an awesome accent and flys a giant bird-like machine). On “True Blood,” the show that won her an Emmy, she speaks with a delightful southern accent, and, oh yeah – she won her first Oscar when she was just 11 years old. Good game, Anna. (KRM)
KR’s  self-esteem has plummeted as of late. See: Hammer’s insulting abilities. (KRM)
Hammer’s insulting abilities – When your reading partner (*cough, Mike Hammersley!*) picks up your poetry assignment and says “I’m going to read to you like you’re a kindergartner,” I applaud you for not bursting out into tears. I did. (KRM)
Kanye West, were you drunk at the V.M.A.’s? I heard you were. I hope you were, for Tay Swift’s sake. Drunk or not, “how could you be so heartless? …how could you be so Dr. Evil?” Crazyface! (KRM)
Phineas and Ferb is the only show on Disney worth watching. I have been teased for being so enthusiastic about this show. Who doesn’t love watching kids getting into some shenanigans? Especially when those kids actually have brains, teamwork, and their shenanigans include building a monster truck arena, making “Swinter” (aka summer warmth + winter’s snow), and writing a hit single, “Gitchie Gitchie Goo” before lunch? And did I mention these two have a pet platypus who is a secret agent against the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz? But the best part by far is Ferb’s British accent. (KRM)
My little siblings (as sports fans) My little brother cheers for the Pittsburgh Steelers, even when they’re playing the Chicago Bears. My little sister (who is 12 years old and should know better) claims to be a huge Yankees fan. WHERE is the hometown loyalty? (Yeah, I’m looking at all of you Packers fans…especially YOU cousin Jeremy).  Intervention? (KRM)
Self-defense, or whatever they’re calling it this year. Learning Martial Arts? More like wrestling-my-best-friend-to-the-ground class.  Whoever wrestled the other person and pinned them won, and go to announce their victory by yelling, “PWNED!” Oh and I got to pretend to be a creeper and whisper, “I’m so lonely…” while trying to grab and “abduct” Vatina. Good times. (KRM)
The Vampire Diaries (as books) – Just go read the review on these books. Hint: I don’t like them. They were cheesy and cliché … oops, that’s basically the review. True story. (KRM)
Ninjas – Ninjas are cool.  Infinitely cooler than you, infinitely cooler than me.  And they don’t let you steal their cool moves because YOU CANNOT SEE THEM.  Just try to beat that.  Oh yeah, it’s impossible. (BR)
High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 – The Wildcats’ time has come and gone…and I’m pretty sure it was halfway through the first movie.  “Oh, poor me, I don’t know whether I want to be a singer or not.  I know what I should do…sing about it!”  Yeah.  That makes sense, you synthesizer-voiced high school clichés. (BR)
30 Rock – How could you possibly just love watching The Office and not stick around to watch 30 Rock?   What is wrong with you?  On The Office, obviously Michael Scott is hilarious and outlandish.  On 30 Rock, every single character is a complete nutcase, and it’s genius. (BR)
Ricky Martin – Please stop resurfacing in pop culture.  There was a reason why we kicked you out in the first place. (BR)
Vampires – For whatever reason, people are really excited by the idea of blood-drinking dead guys.  Particularly when they are sparkly.  *Omigod, fangirl squeal!*  P.S. Robert Pattinson is not a vampire, he is an ACTOR.  Just saying. (BR)
Beth and KR’s grades – Maybe we should try doing homework, just occasionally, just to switch it up.  We should probably look into studying for our tests, or getting to class on time every day, instead of begging our moms to let us sleep in.  Perhaps, instead of staying up until midnight looking at Texts From Last Night or listening to music, we could try going to bed. Just a thought.
How I Met Your Mother – Quite possibly the funniest show that CBS has created.  Ever.  I cannot explain how wonderful it is to watch something on that network that isn’t total crap. (BR)
College Applications – How do you expect me to summarize my life in 250 words?  Why do you need to know these things about my parents?  Do you even read this stuff?  Would you notice if I just wrote something else, something that doesn’t make me want to bang my head against the desk?  Why are you doing this to me?  Why why why? (BR)
House – A show about doctors that isn’t written like a soap opera?  Hallelujah.  It’s a miracle. Plus, the actor who plays Dr. House, Hugh Laurie, is a total babe, even to teenage girls. Well, to us, at least.  It makes limping with a cane so much more attractive. (BR)
Grey’s Anatomy – Please do not try to convince me that surgeons are this sexually active.  And that they have this much drama in their lives.  They cut people up, end of story, OK bye. (BR)
FacebookYou wonderful little time-waster, you.  Without you, how would I be able to find out the relationship statuses of people that I barely know?  Thank you for helping me avoid my homework time after time. (BR)
Kristen Stewart – Do they write your uncontrollable stuttering into the script, or are you just going for the dramatic effect in “Twilight?”  Perhaps your “I just stuck my head into the blender” haircut is making a statement.  Oh I get it, you did it for a movie.  But here is my response to that: Who would hire you for a movie?  Like, as an actress?  Because last time I checked, your only two facial expressions are depressed and constipated. (BR)
HBO is not afraid to cast hunks from across the ocean in the shows – from EnglandAustraliaNew Zealand, evenSweden! American is so last year anyways. Just because they’re HBO, they can show whatever they want on television. But instead of buying into the “sex sells” market, these bad boys fill their shows, such as “Big Love,” “Generation Kill,” and “True Blood” with great plots, personal characters…and, well, some sex. Just consider it the “Disney Channel” for teenagers. (KRM)