TV Talk: Glee

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Reviewed by Beth Rowe, Features Editor
Recap: Rachel develops a crush on Mr. Schuester, who tries his best to discourage her. Finn and Kurt are paired up for ballads, and Kurt tries to teach Finn to express his emotions through music. Quinn and Finn have dinner with Quinn’s parents. Puck reveals to Mercedes that he is Quinn’s baby’s daddy, not Finn.
-Has it occured to any else that every week they have new songs that they never return to? No rehearsals, not even a run through. How are they going to choose their sectionals list when they have songs coming out of the wazoo? They are so not going to be ready for sectionals.
-I love how completely insane everyone is. From Puck’s musings about doing the no-underpants-dance to Finn’s ever-insightful thoughts on Rachel’s butt, I can really see why these kids are social outcasts. No offense to them–I love social outcasts! Have you met my friends? (just kidding! Kind of…)
-Quinn’s family: a little blonde family, or a chastity cult?
-Also, has Quinn gained any weight at all? Because she does not look it.
-Susie Pepper: HAHAHA. What a creeper. Coma by pepper. Only you, weirdo.
-Anyone else rooting for a Kurt/Finn bromance? Finn’s homophobia + Kurt’s ulterior motive to bring him “over the rainbow” = WIN.
-Dear Glee Cast, where do your beautiful voices come from? You are all aliens! Aliens…who look like normal people…and can sing! Yeah. That makes sense. Finn’s “I’ll Stand by You” was incredible! Although, singing to a sonogram? Ummm….awkward.
-“It’s enough to want to give up women altogether.” Wow, subtle, Kurt. And you’re in love with Finn? Wow! Who knew?! (*extreme sarcasm*) You’ve hidden it so well!!
-Rachel’s teacher crush = gross. Mash-up choice = epic. Also, both ladies present for the performance are totally creepin’.
-Wow, analogies are wasted on Finn. He just is not the brightest crayon in the box.
-Oh, dear God, Rachel and Mr. Schue’s crazy ass wife have become gal pals. Oops, nevermind, she’s just going to use her as a maid.
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-Most. Awkward. Car. Ride. Ever.
Rachel: Why do I have to ride in the back?
Schue: It’s the law. Children have to ride in the back.
Rachel: Children under seven…
Schue: I’m just concerned for your safety.
Rachel: Really?
Schue: …No.
And an excellent song choice, Rachel. Why not just ask him to be your BF 4eva???
-Oh, Susie Pepper is back. Wonderful. And here I thought we had already filled our quota of stalkers.
-So Puck finally owns up to the fact that he da baby daddy, and Mercedes is just like, sorry, Quinn chose Finn. What? That doesn’t change the fact that Finn isn’t the baby daddy! And Mercedes goes off about how Puck has done enough to Quinn? Hello, she is ruining Finn’s life by LYING and pretending he’s the father of her child! Sure, Quinn chose Finn, but did Finn ever get a say in any of this? Geez, you crazy show choir kids!!
-“I have to go, they’ll think I’m pooping.” -Finn Hudson
Quote of the episode.
-First line of the little musical treat Finn prepares? “You’re having my baby.” He decides to sing this in front of her parents??? In what universe is this a good idea? Are you mentally competent? I do not see this going well at all. Wow, he is going down. To Chinatown. Oh, it is on. Poor guy.
-Quinn’s dad’s random baseball game anecdote? Does not seem relevant. Maybe they were going for deep, but it’s just a wee bit random.
-And Quinn has daddy issues? This makes me hate her a bit less–the pathos is overwhelming!!
-Rachel: Everyone knows who you are. You’re the school crazy.
Susie: I was crazy. Crazy in love.
HAHAHAHA you are a nutjob.
-Aww, cute “some boy’s going to love you” pep talk. GIRL TALK WITH SCHUESTER!!! Classic.
-And we close with an awesome song (“Lean on Me”)!
-Oooh, the shuffle snap (From the “Lean on Me” dance)! Another classic!
Until next week, stay jazzy and schnazzy!