Emmy's Emmys: Best Actress in a Comedy Show

October 9, 2011

By Emmy Lindfors Managing Editor Move over Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, there’s a new funny girl in town. Meet Kat Dennings. Some of you may know her from the cute movie “Nick and Norah’s Playlist” (She played Norah). But, today she scored her own sitcom right before “Two and a Half Men,...

TV Talk: Glee

November 18, 2009

Do you feel the need to discuss your favorite TV shows? Would you like said discussions to take place online? Well, you are in luck, because ProspectorNow presents: the first ever guest review/TV rant/open discussion! A Prospector staff member will watch one of their favorite TV shows, jot down som...


November 8, 2009

1.   Lilly: Thanks for explaining that.  I get so confused! Barney: That’s because you’re a woman! *Both laugh* Lilly: I don’t even know why we’re laughing! Barney: Of course you don’t! –How I Met Your Mother 2.  FOX News Reports woman calling to report drunk driver: “Somebody...

Mel Kiper's Best Available – Prospector Sports Blog

October 2, 2009

This sports blog is written by some hardcore, opinionated Chicago fans who are not afraid to express their opinions.  We're going to tell you what's what in the sporting world, who's doing well and who deserves a beating.  This blog will be updated every few days or so, so check back periodically to find ou...

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