"AHS" season 4 opener foreshadows deliciously disturbing season

By Isabelle Rogers
Entertainment Editor
american-horror-storyAfter three seasons of watching Jessica Lange play twisted and cruel characters perfectly, I was incredibly disappointed to see Lange’s new part not as well played as before. The combination of her horrible attempt at a german accent and a very dislikable flat character makes her the least interesting part of the plot.
For those of you who have not caught up with the hit show American Horror Story (AHS), this season, which takes place in the 1950’s, is themed ‘Freak Show.’  There are many actors from the previous season such as Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, and many new additions like the smallest girl in the world, Jyoti Amge.
So far, this season’s main plot appears to be Lange’s character, Elsa, gathering different talents to star in her traveling freakshow. With an array of different talents, by far the most intriguing, and best played, is the two headed woman.
Sarah Paulson stars as Bette and Dot Taddler. Between the amazing camera work and Paulson’s great acting, Bette and Dot seem like they are played by two different actors because of their personality differences.
After Bette and Dot murdered their mom, they are thrown into a harsh world they never had to deal with. As the number one suspects for the mom’s death, Bette (and Dot not so much) eagerly run into the arms of Elsa, where they become the ‘main act’ of Freak Show, only Elsa inadvertently steals the stage with a very weird version of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?”. The fact that I count Elsa’s version of the song weirder that Bowie’s says something because Bowie is known for being odd.
Though it is only a show, it continuously bugged me that Elsa sang a song released in 1971 when the show takes place in the 50’s. Other than the Bowie song, the writers did a great job including 50’s references like lines including Lucille Ball and having amazing wardrobes for everyone on the show.
The side plot, and in my opinion the best plot, is about a serial killing clown named Twisty. So far it seems that Twisty kills people whom he does not like and captures people whom he does so they can watch his clown act. With one word Twisty can go from an entertaining clown to a savage murderer. Twisty makes this season of AHS by far the most horrific and disturbing, which is exactly how it should be.
With six murders in one episode and Kathy Bates with a beard, I can already tell that this season will keep viewers on edge. The only problem with the increase in horror this season is the increase of cliche horror movie traits. One girl tripped over nothing while being chased, the milkman decides to defend himself with a rolling pin of all weapons, and people are being murdered in their beds. If the writers continue this pattern, they will run out of characters before episode four.
Overall, the episode was pretty great considering season three was such a fail. I can already tell the writers are turning the final season around with great characters and cool plot twists.
After watching Elsa manipulate what she calls ‘Freaks’ to join her show, you see that she is also what she would consider a ‘freak’ leaving us wondering if maybe she is not such a flat character after all.