First of three career nights a success

By Rachel Parks
Features Editor 
Wednesday, October 8 was District 214’s first of three career nights, specializing in arts and communication and human services. It was held at Rolling Meadows High School. It is the district’s eleventh year for career nights.The next two are Tuesday, October 21 at Prospect and Wednesday, November 12 at Wheeling.
Last year, over 1700 students and parents attended the career nights.
“Tonight’s kind of sticking your toe in the water, students and parents. To see what it’s like, listen to those that are in the careers,” board of education president William Dussling said.
Speakers included individuals employed in media and communications, psychology, journalism, law, theater, teaching, and art.
Students attended two breakout sessions in fields of their choice. In each was a speaker presentation, where students could learn about what they like about their job, what it took to get there, entry level salaries, and more.
Both students and parents were encouraged to ask questions; a networking time was scheduled at the end of the night in the cafeteria where breakout speakers were available for any further questions the students may have.
“[Career nights] help [students] put into perspective a couple of options and ideas for careers, and [it’s helpful] to hear from somebody who’s practiced the craft,” marketing professional Gary Davis said.