Football, cross country adapt to construction

IMG_1479By Mike Stanford
Executive News Editor
Just as suddenly as the Berlin Wall, a fence was constructed behind the fieldhouse Tuesday, September 30.  The enclosure cuts through the freshman football field and across the cross country course.  Many students, including freshman football player Nick Caputo, thought the enclosure was the beginning of the pool construction.  However, according to associate principal Greg Minter, the fence is to facilitate the movement of the under-level softball field, so the team can play once pool construction starts in the spring.
The pool will be placed in the same location as the softball diamond, and the only way to have the field ready in time for the start of the season in March is to have the process completed before the onset of winter.
At first glance, the fence could disrupt the cross country and football programs, but according to Minter, that is not the case.
The enclosure will have gates as openings for the cross country teams’ final two meets, although the finish line will be moved for the last race of the year, according to boys’ cross country coach Mike Stokes.
Also, the freshman football practice field is being moved behind the stadium.  Caputo believes there are advantages to the freshman practice field being moved.
The new field is near the sophomore and varsity football teams’ practice areas which gives the freshmen an opportunity to learn from the veterans.  Also, close proximity helps the program further implement their “we are one” motto.
“We can build stronger bonds with our sophomore and varsity teams,” Caputo said.