"Death By Black Hole" book club preview

By Lauren Millerdeathbyblackholecover
Associate Online Editor-in-Chief
On November 6th, science teacher Kurt Trenkle and english teacher Karen Kruse will be hosting a book discussion. The first book they are covering is “Death By Black Hole” by Neil Degrasse Tyson.
The idea for a book club first came about when english teacher Teri Buczinsky wanted to compile a list of interesting non-fiction science books that would appeal to students and Kruse took it from there. She then approached avid lover of the book Trenkle, because he was the one who suggested it for the list. He hoped I could be as intriguing to others as it was to him.
When Trenkle first shared this book with social science teacher John Camardella, he devoured it. After Trenkle realized that someone else enjoyed the book as much as he did, he wanted to keep sharing it with a bigger audience.
This book was also chosen because Trenkle believes it brings up many thought provoking questions regarding the universe and how large it really is, but in a way intriguing to even high school students.
“Neil Degrasse Tyson is a very accessible really smart guy that writes in a funny, engaging, and educational way about science,” Trenkle said.
Something that differentiates this book discussion from one in class is that it is not necessary to read the whole book in order to attend. The book itself is made up of short essays and does not follow a particular plot line. According to Trenkle students can pick and choose what parts they find interesting and would like to read from.
Though Trenkle is unsure of what the turnout will be or even what exactly the discussion will look like, but there will be food and a good discussion provided.
“[You] don’t have to read the whole book just read as much as you can, and come on over,” Trenkle said.