Early dismissal cancelled to meet requirements

By Stephanie Evett
Staff Writer
Written in the Assignment Notebook directly under “1st Quarter Ends” lies these three words: Dismissal 1:50 PM. However, that is printed incorrectly, as Friday, October 24, ends at the regular scheduled time.
That printing error nearly mocks the students of Prospect High School with what could have been.
An email was sent out earlier this week to vaguely inform students, staff and parents of the dismissal change and announce that students will be dismissed at 2:50 this Friday.
The school board decided there will not be a 1:50 dismissal to mark the end of first quarter due to the district’s need to meet a particular amount of minutes of instruction set by the state of Illinois, thus requiring students to stay at school the extra hour, rather than leave early for the three day weekend.
The school board also said that the required minutes of instruction relates to the standard set in teachers’ contracts.
With concern to those two requirements, the dismissal time has officially been moved from 1:50 to a regular 2:50 release.
Associate Principal Greg Minter assures that third quarter will end at 1:50, as it normally would and as it is printed in the assignment notebook. This Friday is simply an exception to the traditional endings of first and third quarter.
Most students were outraged by the dismissal time, others were completely unaware that the school board switched Friday to a full day of school, and the rest felt an hour difference is insignificant.
Upon finding out about the regular scheduled dismissal, sophomore Roneil Gordon and junior Alex Hernandez were less than pleased with the decision.
“It’s kind of bogus because this quarter was kind of a struggle,” Gordon said. “We should have a 1:50 dismissal because everyone in the school worked hard this quarter, so we all deserve it.”
Fellow sophomore Mary Fanslow was let down by the 2:50 dismissal as well; however, she realized that it’s not the end of the world.
“It’s a little disappointing, but I understand it’s not a huge difference from 2:50 to 1:50,” Fanslow said. “[First quarter] went by pretty fast, but having Monday off is a lot; I think it’s a good break.”