Lemonade stand raises money for FCCLA

By Sara Biesterfeldt
Staff Writer
“Let’s get to work!”
You may have seen the adorable little kids on the announcements this week,building a lemonade stand and making lemonade. These kids were apart of Lisa Curtain‘s Intro to Preschool class. As they happily sawed the wood, and cut the lemons, the encouraged people to go and buy their lemonade, 50 cents a cup.
The advertisement was placed on the morning announcements, Monday through Wednesday, and the video was very exciting to the little kids.
“(The kids) just like to be videotaped and see themselves on TV,” Curtain said. “When they saw themselves on the announcements they were like, ‘that’s me’ they were so excited.”
The lemonade was sold by the kids and students during lunch periods. Students who bought it walked away talking about how adorable the kids were and how good the lemonade tasted.
The kids raised $180 and Curtain says that she will use the money for apps and field trips, money that is not normally available.
The course is one semester long and is designed to prepare students to understand each stage and category of development of children from conception to 5 years old.
This class helps teens acquire the skills to guide and teach kids around the age of preschoolers. The students are very involved and active with the kids, learning to aid them in the correct developmental skills.
The class has multiple units, including classroom routines and management, as well as communicating with parents and kids. Students think the kids were adorable and maybe that’s what attracted so many people to their stand.
These are the kids that bound out of the classroom, clutching the hands of a student, laughing and smiling their way out the door.
Theresa Palao, a student in Mrs. Curtain’s class, said learning with the kids is very interesting.
“The way they look at life with so much fun and wonder, it is very refreshing,” she said.