Recap of French Exchange

By Grace Berry
Executive News Editor
The French exchange students arrived at O’Hare airport in the late afternoon Monday, October 13. They came to school early the following morning for a breakfast and an introduction to teachers and members of the Prospect community.
Some of the guest attending the breakfast was the Mayor of Mount Prospect Arlene Juracek, Principal Michelle Dowling, the President and a member of the Sister City Commission of Mt. Prospect, and the District 214 School Board President.
The students were from France are from a city outside of Paris called Sèvre. Sèvre has been the Sister City of Mt. Prospect since 2000.
This was the first year Mayor Juracek was able to meet the French students and she was very excited, especially since there is connection between Mt. Prospect and Sèvre.
“[Having French students come from our sister city] is wonderful and it help establish the bond even closer,” Juracek said. “Also it helps ensure the sustainability of the relationship.”
Jessica Karagouziah is visiting the United States for the first time. She explained the biggest difference between the countries she’s noticed is how huge everything is in the United States. She’s most excited to see the lockers at Prospect because they don’t have them in France.
“Just being here is really exciting,” Karagouziah said.
The French exchange students had many things planned, including laser tag, sightseeing in Chicago, a Bulls preseason game and out for frozen yogurt.