Service Club attends Timothy’s Ministry

unnamed-1By Jack McDermott
Online Editor-in-Chief
While most students were wasting their three day weekend away, senior Tommy Mathews, along with other service club members, decided to use his extra time helping others.
Mathews spent three hours starting at noon in the Orchard Evangelical Free Church with homeless that got bussed in from Chicago.
The service opportunity was part of Timothy’s Ministry, an organization that pays for the busses and decides what locations the event will take place at.
The ministry starts with a prayer service and then the homeless can get food and socialize.
Valerie was one of the homeless who lives in the north side of Chicago she enjoys this ministry more than any other one she has been to.
“I can not do without [the ministry],”  Valerie said.  “[The volunteers] are the most beautiful people in the world, they are very warm hearted and kind and I love all of them.”
This ministry was different from others because tens can actually participate bu serving food and interacting with the homeless.
“I thought it was really well organized and it was really nice seeing how grateful these homeless people were for being offered hospitality,”  Mathews said.  “It was just an overall great experience.”