Speeding tickets common on Kensington

phone and sign 004By Jack McDermott
Online Editor-in-Chief
Deciding to roll over and fall back asleep rather than prepare for school is always a tempting choice.  However, waking up behind schedule can lead to not taking a shower, getting a tardy or, most significantly, speeding.
Throughout October, more and more students have been caught speeding on Kensington, not because of an increase in the amount of speeders, but due to a raise in the number of police cars patrolling the street.
Officer Greg Sills said that the Mount Prospect Police Station received a complaint over the amount of speeders on Kensington, and as a result, officers have been assigned to cover the area.
Senior Mary Torossian was one of the many students who got a ticket.  She admits to going 40 but thinks the speed limit should be raised to at least 35.
Even after the ticket, Torossian hasn’t slowed down but now is more aware to look for police and has seen cops usually camp out directly across from Prospect.
Even with this knowledge spreading, the tickets continue to be assigned, with 14 already being assigned this month.  In the end, it seems as though the only real way to evade tickets is to follow the speed limit.