Not-So Haunted High School stirs up excitement, expectations

By Caley Griebenow
Staff Writer
Hundreds of princesses, cowboys, pirates, witches and more will roam the hallways of Prospect to attend the highly anticipated Not-So Haunted High School from 4-6 p.m. this Thursday. But not just one or two hundred. More like 500 plus kids will be attending, if the trends from the last couple years hold to be true.
“Since we started doing the Haunted High School eight years ago, each year, more and more children come,” said Lyn Scolaro, Prospect italian teacher and organizer of the Haunted High School. “It’s crazy, but crazy fun.”
The very first year of the event, Scolaro began tallying the attendees. She stopped once she hit 100 within the first ten minutes. Attendance has not stopped growing since.
“Each year it just gets bigger,” said Kathryn Wilkens, Prospect French teacher and host of the “Croissant”ed House room. “It’s just incredible to see more and more kids coming to be a part in all the activities Prospect has to offer.”
This success may be credited to the many posters and flyers that have been circling the district, getting the word out about this event.
A couple other planned events are decorating pumpkins, BOOsical chairs, golfing ghouls, Hogwart’s bakery, and the Haunted Maze, and those are run by students organizations such as Girlsa Golf, Service Club, Student Council, Orchestra, and Science Olympiad.
Junior Payton Chantry has worked at the Golfing Ghouls for 2 years, making this year her third, looks forward to see little kids in creative costumes.
“It’s so cool to see kids in not-so-typical costumes,” she said. She remembers a girl from last year that was dressed as a lion, complete with a homemade mane and tail, constructed out of yellow fabrics.
“The best part for me is seeing the innocence of kids in their costumes,” said Scolaro. “We sometimes get skewed in making the costumes too high school-y, and it makes me happy to see kids in cute little costumes, which is what the Haunted High school is about, it’s what Halloween is about.”