Library gets makeover

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News Editor

Walking into the Library Technology Center (LTC) this year may seem a little different for returning Prospect students. Knights Learning Center (KLC) will replace the literacy center in the library.

The idea was envisioned by Associate Principal Scott McDermott. Originally, the Literacy Center (Lit Center) was created to help students with their writing skills. The Lit center then transitioned into a drop-in lab, where students were coming in and playing with the computers rather than utilizing the space, the teachers, and resources.

“[KLC] will be dedicated to kids coming in to receive tutoring,” McDermott said. Students will have to sign in at the front desk, and at the end of the year, teachers will look back and see how well the space was utilized.

Tutors, both students and teachers, will be available in all academic areas to assist students in their studies. Students throughout all four grade levels.

“This is not an AP initiative, this is a student initiative,” McDermott said. “We’re looking for kids that feel comfortable in any content area to make themselves available to their peers and move them in a better direction.”

Students that choose to participate as a tutor get a service learning credit. Students would be able to apply that to National Honors Society.

“We just want to make Prospect better than we already are, and we’re pretty exceptional as it stands right now.”

Students that are interested in becoming a tutor must go through training, teaching them how to work with students and help them, rather than just giving them the answer.

“We’re simply looking for kids that come to school and are good role models.”