Bean boots prove Christmas list worthy

beanbootsBy Mary Kate Moloney
Executive A&E Editor
I wake up and scroll through Pinterest. In class, I scroll through Pinterest. At home, I scroll through Pinterest. At work, I scroll through Pinterest.
Pinterest has taken over the majority of my free time (and I’m not even ashamed). Anyways, throughout these escapades, I always came across Bean boots. I pinned these boots to my clothing board time after time, always thinking that they would really compliment my wardrobe. Finally, one day I had an open schedule after school and money burning a hole in my pocket, so I made the rash decision to trek to the L.L. Bean store in South Barrington to purchase my first pair of duck boots.
So there I was in my ginormous, white pickup truck making the 30-minute drive to the Arboretum of South Barrington. I arrived and went straight to the shoe section to collect my size seven, eight inch brown Bean boots. When I asked for my size the grey-haired, granola woman chuckled a bit, she then preceded to tell me that the style I was looking for was on backorder until January.
Yes, I was thinking the same thing, how could a company’s signature shoe be on backorder? They have been making these boots since 1911. You’d think they would be able to keep up with demand.
But not to worry folks, I got my boots. Four days later a brown box was delivered to my house, after she talked me into getting their special Thinsulate lining for only 40 extra dollars, my new granola, L.L. Bean worker-friend found me a pair of boots from a store in Pennsylvania.
I tore the box open with my keys and slid those babies on. Thank God they fit because it would have been a hassle to exchange them. Now here is where the real work lies — how was I going to style these new beauties with my wardrobe? Well fear not my fashion-forward friends, these boots go with everything.
I’m serious though when I say everything, including my standard legging and sweatshirt ensemble, as well as my occasional legging and semi-could-pass-for-cute shirt. If you are feeling risky, you could rock the jeans. But those aren’t in my repertoire, so I shy away from that look.
My first rodeo with these puppies was at school, and let me tell you my fans approved. These boots are more than just good-looking; they are extremely comfortable. There is no breaking in or nasty first-wear blisters. They are easy to walk in, and there is no need to worry about an embarrassing ugg trip.
I recommend purchasing the pair with Thinsulate lining because they truly keep your feet nice and toasty. If you buy the unlined pair you run the risk of hypothermia because when the rubber soles get cold and wet due to the abundance of snow we get in Illinois, your feet will have no fighting chance of staying warm.
After having my duck boots for a couple of weeks, I have noticed slight scuff marks on the inside rubber part right where my big toes are. Although this suffrage is an easy fix with the help of Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers, it is disappointing that such a quality product marks so easily.
If a little chafe is the only con of these boots, I think it’s obvious they need to be added to your Christmas list. They will not only last a long time but also compliment your wardrobe while keeping your feet happy. After all,  pinners on Pinterest would not steer us in the wrong direction.