Winter play brings modern touch to stage

photoBy Jack Ryan
News Editor 
Junior Ryan Kopp waited in anticipation to see if he would be the lead role in this year’s winter play Air Guitar High. As his anticipation built, he finally got the good news he wanted. He got one of the lead roles in the play as Lindy who is an announcer for the air guitar competition. Kopp was even more excited than usual to get this part because he has not been a big part in a play for a long time, and he thinks it is amazing to be a lead character.
Lindy has a partner in crime named Cable who is played by junior Bridgette Jasinski who is the video recorder for the air guitar competition, and is the one who yells “Cut!” to everyone in the competition.
Both Kopp and Jasinski are the main leads in a play that debuts December 11-13, and is about a high school having an air guitar competition.
Kopp (Lindy) and Jasinski (Cable) will be the ones video recording and announcing how the competition is going during the play. The first act of the play will be the cast speaking while the second act of the play will be the cast doing the air guitar competition, and it will have more a concert style feel to it, according to Director Robert Shellard.
As time has gone on with rehearsals both Kopp and Jasinski has gotten more excited for the play to begin even with the cast having a lot to still rehearse.
“It’s always very fun to do a show [because] when you do a show that is the big moment when everyone can see you do the fun stuff,” Kopp said.
Both Kopp and Shellard believe that tickets will sell well since the play is having a more contemporary style to it. The contemporary style he believes will attract more audience members since they mention in the play modern things like Snapchat and Starbucks.
As time is coming closer to the play Kopp and Shellard believe that the play will turn out well in the end even if the cast is not debut ready at the moment.
“I think it’s something new and different here at Prospect because we have a lot of new and cool elements in the play, and with our space we’re always trying new ways to reinvent the theatre,” Shellard said.
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