Book Talk working to increase attendence

imagesBy Jack McDermott
Online Editor-in-Chief
After a lacking attendance of three teachers and one student to the first meeting, Book Talk will be returning Dec. 15 in the KLC.  Co-Sponsor Karen Kruse is hoping to gain new members with an advanced notice and with new enticing opportunities.
Students who go to the talk on “Ashfall” will be able to skype with the author, Mike Mullin, and win an autographed book.
“This particular book is a really unique opportunity because you’ll get to ask questions like ‘why did you do this with the plot and why did you chose these characters?’,” Kruse said.
“Ashfall” was chosen after Co-Sponsor Christie Sylvester met Mullin during a guest appearance at the Arlington Heights Public Library.
Book Talk was meant to focus on science non-fiction books to better the connection between the Science and English departments, and even though Ashfall is fiction, the science behind the book is real.
“Ashfall” attempts to show what would happen if the supervolcano under Yosemite National Park exploded, an event that Kruse describes as possible.
For students looking for a book club focused on a wider variety of genres, Book Bites is available.