A lot of AP can cause a lot of pain

By Diana Leane
Executive In-Depth Editor
Although students aren’t halfway through the year yet, it seems the 2015-2016 school has already started. Last Friday, December 5th, was course recommendation day and every freshman, sophomore and junior contemplated which classes to take next year.
While teachers suggested one class for each student, those classes aren’t set in stone. The guidance counselors’ jobs are to meet with the students after course recommendation day to look at the entire schedule versus individual classes.
“I encourage students to really step back and assess their work ethic, their organizational and time management skills, what [they are] involved in, and what [their] plans [are] after high school,” counselor Dr. Lynn Thornton said.
Thornton emphasizes that while one AP class may be doable for one student, three or four may be very challenging for him/her, especially if the student plays a sport. Once the student has spoken to his/her counselor and locked in a schedule, changing classes is difficult.
“By that point [after a student meets with a counselor], even though it’s not a schedule yet, [the counselors] have numbers in the system,” Thornton said. “I may have to say to a student, ‘I’m sorry but it’s full.’”