Winter week welcomes new activities

By Ivanka Northrup
In-Depth Editor
Students wait in anticipation all week for the doors to open on Friday, December 19, signaling the start of winter break. To make the week before break go a little faster, student council hosts winter week every year.
“It’s something to look forward to the week before break,” Nejdl said. “[You might have lots of] tests going on Thursday and Friday, so it’s nice to have that little release during the day.”
Winter week is always held the week before break and includes spirit days and events for the students. In past years, winter week has had less events, and just the spirit days allowing students to be festive and dress up.
However this year, according to student council president Katie Nejdl, they will have an extra lunchtime activity on Thursday called “Make a Snowman”. In this activity, students will be able to pick a partner and make a snowman.
Along with this event, there will be a cookie eating contest on Tuesday during the lunch periods as well as a photo booth for ugly sweater day on wednesday. On Friday, free hot chocolate will be served in the morning.
Student council also gave teachers the opportunity to decorate their doors for winter week; however, there will be no contest for who has the best door.
Nejdl is very excited for winter week, and has heard a lot of students excited for it too.
“I’ve heard a lot of freshmen talking about it specifically because we have posters in the hallway, and they’re like ‘Ugly sweater day what’s that about’,” Nejdl said. “So it’s funny to hear the freshmen talk about it. My friends, [as] seniors we’re like ‘Oh we got to go get our ugly sweaters out’. So it’s good to hear people talking about it and getting excited for it.”