Students react to Tony leaving

By Alyssa Duetsch
Broadcast Editor
unnamedGabriella Tapia- “I didn’t even know him but I took a picture with him yesterday because he seems like a nice guy and he’s helpful.”

Vanessa Maxwell- “I didn’t know his name was Tony until this morning, not gonna lie. I think it’s bitter sweet because I saw how many connections he made with all the athletes and everyone down the hallways and he was a super cool dude in my opinion. It’s weird [that the whole school gets so excited about a janitor] but it’s awesomely weird because it shows that we do give appreciation to the staff that isn’t really recognized a lot and people that do all the work but don’t get recognized for it.”
unnamed-1Aidan Fier- “Oh I thought [his name] was Tito.  [Him leaving] doesn’t affect me. He had a lot of friendships.”
Karson Lecomte- “Why am I sad? Well, there’s a little story behind this. So, I don’t know, like my brother, he’s a freshman in college and Tony would like always talk to my brother and then he started to talk to me and I don’t know, it’s just, it’s fun. If I see him in the hallways I’ll talk to him.”
Message to Tony from Karson:
“I wish you didn’t leave and good luck, thumbs up.”
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