Prospect game-day to kick off basketball season

By Keelan Murphy

Executive In-Depth Editor

Wearing blue Underground t-shirts on Friday, December 4th  gives students more than an opportunity to win Big Blue Friday –  it gives them free admission to the first Prospect Game-Day.
Students should arrive at 5 pm in gyms one and two to celebrate the first home varsity basketball games of the season (both girls’ at 6:30 p.m. and boys’ at 8 p.m.).  The first 200 students will also receive a free Prospect Basketball t-shirt!

Be one of the first 200 students at Friday's Prospect Game-Day and win a free basketball t-shirt!
Be one of the first 200 students at Friday’s Prospect Game-Day and win a free basketball t-shirt!

Festivities at Prospect Game-Day include a Velcro wall, an obstacle course, a bungee run, boxing and jousting. At halftime, there will be a paper plane flying contest, and the winner will win a free burrito from Chipotle.
LEAP member and a coordinator of this event, senior Terese Geraghty, said that “the free stuff helps to get people involved,” which is why admission, t-shirts, and burritos are being offered to participants.
According to the Prospect Game-Day’s facebook event page, 116 students have confirmed that they are attending, and another 136 are still unsure.
Senior Pat Brassil posted a warning to all students on the event page, claiming “that burrito is mine.”
Freshman John Sullivan, who plans on attending, believes the event will bring the school together because “everyone will be together doing the same thing and having fun.”
Junior basketball player Terry Redding realizes this event will encourage attendance at basketball games.
“I think it will generate a lot more attention for both games,” Redding said. “Especially the girls’ games, and that’s a good thing.”
“It definitely is more fun when there are fans there,” senior girls’ basketball player Alyssa Baker said. “It’s better than an empty gym.”
If the event is successful, the Underground and LEAP coordinators of Prospect Game-Day plan to expand the event l to other sports as well. Specifically, they plan to arrange a Prospect Game-Day before the Balance for the Brain gymnastics event.
“I think people would go,” Sullivan said. “They like watching Prospect sports, and if you [include]  games, fans will have a lot more fun.”