Local author visits during lunch periods

IMG_3692By Jack Mcdermott
Online Editor-in-Chief
During lunch hours on Wednesday, students had the choice to join author Julie Halpern for a discussion over her books and the publishing process.  Although not many students participated, the presentation was a special treat for the students that came because of the free books that were offered and Halpern’s funny personality.
Halpern, the author of four books Get Well Soon, Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, The F— it List and Have a Nice Day, came to Prospect after receiving a call from a former coworker at the Winnetka library who is now a librarian for the Mount Prospect Public Library.  According to Halpern, she jumped at the opportunity.
“I love [visiting high schools] because I get to talk to my real readers, high schoolers,” Halpern said.
Specifically, Halpern reaches out to ‘outsider students’ in her books because she writes about her own high school experiences and that is how she would have described herself.  However, all teens can relate to something in her books and can laugh along with Halpern at her depressing young-adult experience.
Although it sounds hard to believe, Halpern makes trips to the mental hospital and cancer funny and frequently receives emails about readers laughing out loud                                                                                  while reading her books.
Halpern’s can also be expected to start circulating Prospect’s walls as Halpern is often compared to John Green as both authors write in contemporary romantic comedy.
To find out more about Halpern and her books, go to juliehalpern.com.