Friday last day to sign up for blood drive

IMG_4520By Alyssa Duetsch
Broadcast Editor
The famous Mr. Blood Drop will be returning to the Prospect High School cafeteria this Friday for the last day of blood drive signups during lunch periods.
The blood drive is taking place this Saturday, March 7th, from 10 am to 4 pm in the Field House Foyer.
Students and faculty can sign up by going to the table outside the cafeteria doors during lunch hours and talking to a Student Council member for information and ways to sign up. There are also flyers around the school giving the “10 steps to successfully donate blood.” (See picture below)
However, walk-ins on Saturday are welcome.
“Personally, I would say [our goal is] just to make sure that we can get as many people as possible to come in and be viable donors,” head of Service Club, Michelle Tantillo said.
Outside of Service Club and Tantillo’s personal goal, LifeSource set the goal of 70 donors. According to Tantillo, around 80 to 85 people have already signed up and even with the expectation that not everyone follows through, the LifeSource goal will hopefully be met and surpassed.
“I was in Service Club and I was going to be helping with it so I decided that I should donate and I saw other people donating and it seemed like it wasn’t really that bad…it can really help out people. My grandpa was in the hospital a few years ago and he was getting like a lot of blood so I thought that was a good thing to help other people,” junior and past donor, Frank Mazur said.
Not only is it a great way to help others, but donors also receive free pizza and other snacks along with free pajama pants.
Mazur is already signed up for the drive on Saturday and believes that other people should donate their time and blood as well.
“It’s a pretty easy way and like you’re healthy and you can help out other people who need it and can’t really help themselves at the moment,” Mazur said.