Columbia card award system recognizes students, staff

By Shreya Thakkar
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Every Friday at the start of second hour, administrators come together and divide up the Columbia cards that they are to deliver by the end of the period. These purpose of these cards is to recognize students and teachers for something positive they’ve done recently — little or big.
This system was put into place on Nov. 14, after English teacher Lori Amedeo saw a similar system at Addison Trails High School and proposed it at Prospect last year. Now on an average week, they pass out about 64 cards.
At first, the cookies were going to be delivered with the cards, as it is done at Addison Trails, but Amedeo and administration decided that it would be easier to have students collect their reward — a cookie — in the cafeteria.
Teachers can nominate students and other staff members by filling out a google form accessible off the Prospect homepage. Amedeo encourages teachers to participate in this so that others can be recognized.
“I hope that the [Columbia cards] do pick up and that people take just a few minutes every week to write one up for a kid or a staff member,” Amedeo said.
According to Amedeo, while Student of the Month takes a bit longer to nominate a student for because they have to complete a write up explaining why they nominated that student, Columbia cards are more simple.
“Student of the month is a little bit more prestigious of an award where this is kind of like an everyday saying thank you when you maybe wouldn’t have thought of it before,” Amedeo said.