Science Olympiad ends season on bittersweet note

unnamed (1)By Grace Berry
Executive News Editor 
Science Olympiad competed in their regional competition on the first day of spring break. Despite being down multiple students, the JV and varsity teams placed in 18 events.
There were over 50 teams competing in the competition at Oakton Community College. Varsity Coach Kathleen Brej was very happy with the work her team accomplished.
“[I was most proud] seeing their teamwork and support of each other at regionals was fantastic,” Brej said. “I mean it was just event after event and Prospect kept getting called for more medals and more medals.”
Team captain and MVP of the varsity team junior Heather Dao was very excited with the results from the regional competition with the team just three points away from making it to state. Even though the team didn’t make it to state, Dao is very proud of the team and how they improved.
“My proudest moment was seeing the faces of my teammates when they medaled and how their hard work payed off,” Dao said.
Brej believes the regional competition was the highlight of Science Olympiad’s season, but believes they competed well throughout the invitational competitions as well.
“They’ve been a really positive tight-knit group this year,” Brej said. “[They are] really supportive of each other and they have been working really hard this year and they deserve [their success].”
Science Olympiad ranked higher at regionals this year than they have in the past couple years. They also received more medals this year than they have in the past three years.
Brej wants to continue to build the Science Olympiad program next year.
“My main goal is to get kids excited about science. Winning is great but not everything,” Brej said. “Just to see their excitement over learning new things and the successes they’ve had is very rewarding for them and for the coaches.”