Knights for Christ kickoff a success

Senior Crystal Lopez and junior Kathryn Lowry pose during a Knights for Christ meeting. They launched the new bible study program this fall.
Senior Crystal Lopez and junior Kathryn Lowry pose during a Knights for Christ meeting. They launched the new bible study program this fall.

By Megan Maughan
News Editor

Last year, junior Kathryn Lowry attended Fish Bible Study at Prospect.  However, she remembers attending meetings sporadically due to lack of organization and not knowing when meetings took place.  This September Lowry realized that it had almost died out completely, so she took matters into her own hands.
Along with the help of senior Crystal Lopez, Lowry organized Knights for Christ, which is still Fish Bible Study but only under a different name.  The intention of Knights for Christ is so students can “get connected to other Christians, have fellowship, and read God’s word,” according to Lowry.  Lowry said that the first Knights for Christ meeting was held “about a month ago, but there wasn’t good attendance because of bad publicity.” After that, Lowry, with the help of others, tried to advertise a new Knights for Christ kickoff meeting with signs all over the school and even an ad on the morning announcements.
Lowry’s efforts proved to be much more effective.  On Nov. 24, Knights for Christ held their kickoff meeting, and it was more successful than the first try with a turn out of about ten students.  Still, Lowry stresses that the success of any future meetings will be up to the students who participate since the group is entirely student run.
“The responsibility is on the students and how many people are willing to help out and do things,” Lowry said.
Lowry brought platters of different chips and candy while Lopez brought a pumpkin pie in order to make students feel more welcome and get excited.  They started off their meeting with a “crowd breaker” which Lowry plans to open the meetings with every time.
“[The crowd breakers] are just going to be fun, random games to make people feel more comfortable,” Lowry said.
After the crowd breaker, a printed up Bible passage was handed out to each of the students and read aloud.  Then the students discussed what the passage meant to them personally and how they could connect it to the holiday season.  After reading and discussing the passage, each student said a prayer request.
One requested to pray for everyone’s school stresses; one requested to pray for a family member who was enduring hardships.  One requested to pray for a friend’s family whose mother just died; one requested to pray for families less fortunate than theirs during the holiday season.
After the prayers were said and the students talked and ate together, Lowry said that she thought the group was getting off to a great start.
“It’s encouraging to come into a room with a small group of Christians inside such a big school,” Lowry said.  “I hope this group can offer comfort to whoever needs it.”