Bleeding blUe: Preview of the Underground


By Jack Ankony (@Jank__11)
Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.16.50 PMTake a look back to last year’s homecoming football game. Prospect’s student section, The Underground, organized a spinoff idea based on Color Runs, calling it ‘Color the Knight.’ Gathered behind the scoreboard at the George Gattas Memorial Stadium, students grabbed cups of blue and purple powder, and all at once threw it into the air, creating a cloud covering each students head to toe. Now they were ready for the game.
This game was described by senior Nikki Matters, a head member of The U, as her favorite moment as a member of The U so far. Matters says that she looks to carry on the traditions made by the seniors last year as well as make some new ones this year.
Senior Liam Benson explains that because he watched the seniors lead The U last year, this year he will be more knowledgeable about things that work and don’t work when it comes to planning events.
Benson says that many of The U member got together this summer to plan events so they won’t be pressed for time once school starts. He explains that they try to plan things two or three weeks in advance so that if any problems come up, they have time to fix it.
“It always starts out with us brainstorming ideas that may seem like they aren’t possible at first, but we figure out how to make them work,” Matters says. “Mr. Mirandola is a huge help and great mentor for us when planning.”
Though Matters and Benson don’t want to give away too many surprises about the upcoming football and basketball season, they both agree that they are trying to make The U the best student section around.
One detail Benson can give away is that there will be a fan bus to the first game at Jacobs High School. This idea will help get more people to the game, especially underclassmen who can’t drive to the game. He is looking forward to starting the year off well at the first football game.
Benson feels that it will be hard to The U’s biggest accomplishment last year, winning the state title for best student section, but they will try to carry on the traditions and values the seniors held last year.
Being good role models for underclassmen and encouraging everyone to go to games will be at the forefront of Benson’s focus aside from cheering his hardest at each game.
Matters loves how The U brings the whole school together and everyone has fun at the same time.
“It’s just a blessing to be a part of such a great community and tradition,” Matters said.