Tips for first-time iPad users


By Cassidy Delahunty (@cassdelahunty)
1. Stay organized.
While this might sound like a tip from a parent, staying organized is essential to success, especially when using an iPad. Keep folders and dividers in Notability well-labeled and neat, and consider using a planner app to keep track of assignments and events. Homework apps like myHomework can be especially useful because missed assignments continue to appear until you mark them complete.
2. Take advantage of technology.
iPads offer many things that regular paper does not, such as the abilities to rearrange notes on the page after you have written them and to keep the combined weight of your homework, notes, textbooks and required reading under 2 pounds. They also make it easier to get in contact with teachers and fellow students and to find study materials that work for you easier. Don’t like the fuss of having to flip through a stack of notecards? Try quizlet. Is your back hurting from carrying around 20 pounds of textbooks? Ask if there’s a way to access a digital version of your books. Always try to find apps and websites that make your school experience easier.
3. Don’t overload with games.
This may seem obvious, but don’t let gaming become your iPad’s sole purpose. Make sure you have enough space to store future assignments, and don’t prioritize your games over your homework. If you don’t have enough space, you will have to delete your personal things before you delete school apps and documents.
4. Do what works for you.
The iPad can be helpful, but if the iPad makes life harder, then go back to what works. You will always have to use the iPad for some things, but if you like old-fashioned paper and pencil better and have the choice to use it, don’t suffer and continue to use the iPad. The iPad is meant to be helpful, so if it doesn’t do its job, don’t use it.