iPad distribution smooth, organized


By Alyssa Duetsch (@alyssaduetsch)
Large-scale technology distribution has caused some issues in the past, but this summer, iPad distribution seemed successful, and the largest problem was the long lines.
“We went to the [library to get our iPads],” freshman Kendall Tapia said. “Well, actually, first we waited in this really long line.”
This summer, staff such as Kevin Kolcz, technology services supervisor for Hersey and Prospect, gave out a couple of different dates to students so they could come in and pick up their iPads. Most iPads were distributed on schedule pick-up day, but there were also other possible days for juniors and seniors.
“It seemed to go really smooth this year,” Kolcz said.
Freshmen did not get their iPads during schedule pick up. Rather, on a separate day they also went through steps to get their iPads properly set up.
“[Upperclassmen] get the sticker where it just kinda tells you how to go set your iPad up,” Kolcz said. “We don’t do that for the freshmen. We set everything up for them. The iPad is ready to go as soon as they turn around.”
The freshmen had to go to different stations where they would set up their passwords with the help of district staff, and at the end,, they received their iPads.
“They made it pretty easy,” Tapia said.
Although distribution may have passed without difficulty, the possibility of iPad troubles during the year is still present.
“Apple changed this year where since you guys all have your own Apple IDs that kind of fall under our district, … you guys can’t change your passwords,” Kolcz said. “We have to change them for you so that will be kinda complicated when we have kids going in trying to change their passwords and they find out they can’t do it. It’s always things we have to change and adapt too.”
iPads may cause problems, but they create the possibility to do so much more.
“It’s really gonna change the access piece, but also I think it’s gonna help teachers,” Kolcz said. “Let’s say a project used to take two weeks because you had to go check out a lab for two weeks, and that’s the only time you could get in that lab. Now you don’t need that because you have this device you can make a project a week long instead. I think it will help teachers get a lot more stuff into a year.”