Kevin Griffith: Burrito Boy

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At Friday night’s varsity boys’ basketball game, the Underground fan section erupted with cheers when senior Kevin Griffith won a year’s worth of Chipotle burritos.  He won a maximum of 52 burritos by landing his paper airplane on a target in the center of the basketball court.   Here’s what Griffith has to say about the experience…  
How did it feel when your name was announced as the winner of 52 free burritos?
It felt awesome.  I seriously still can’t get over the shock of winning.  
Did you know your name was going to be called?
I had a feeling because I saw the way the wings were folded and I have a feeling I’m the only one who folds the wings like that.  I was surprised, but I had a feeling it was going to be me.
What kind of paper airplane did you make? 
Just a regular airplane but I folded the wings twice.
Did you make more than one airplane?
Yes, two.
Is the offer good for any Chipotle?
No, just the one by us.
How do the employees at Chipotle know to give you a free burrito?
I’m going to be getting 52 free burrito cards
What is your favorite kind of burrito?
Steak, with onions, peppers, lettuce, sour cream and mild salsa.
Have you been to Chipotle already?
No, I haven’t gotten the cards yet. 
Would you ever consider selling your free burritos for a profit?
No, because I love Chipotle burritos.  I’ve had so many people try to become friends with me now just because of that.  Like at the game, so many people surrounded me after they heard I won it and tried becoming my friend.  I’m like “yeah…get away from me.”  
What did your parents say when you told them that you won?
They were surprised once I explained how I won them.  They expect me to get them dinner a couple times…which may not happen.
-Keelan Murphy