Feminism club hopes to inspire all


By Claire Strother (@clairestrother)unnamed
The inaugural meeting of Prospect’s Feminism Club was held on Monday October 26. Feminism club (or “Fem Club” as those involved have already dubbed it) hosted over 20 initial members.The club was founded by seniors Lauren Miller, Kendall Neumann, and Isabelle Rogers, with fellow senior Emmalynn Cronin also being very involved with the beginnings of the club.
“My goal [with Feminism Club] is to get people to be more comfortable being themselves,” Neumann said,”because feminism is about equality, and when I think of equality I think of being comfortable with the position that you are in.”
The consensus among the club’s participants was that they need to “start small and dream big”. The initial goal of the club is to redefine the term “feminism” within the Prospect community.
“Feminism means equality, justice, and representation,” said club member Joseph Doner, “for all peoples regardless of any other factors on their life.”

Once a better universal understanding of the term has begun to be discussed in the Prospect community, the club plans to try to form partnerships with other organizations at Prospect such as the Gay Straight Alliance, or the “Fight Like a Girl” program. As well as organizing varying activities within the club such as watching documentaries, or small session discussions.

During the meeting, and even by putting “FeMENism” in the the club’s video announcement, it was stressed that the club is for everyone, not just girls. This is a concept which the members of the club hope to continue to instill in people, which they will continue doing at their next meeting after school on Monday, Nov. 9, in Rm. 208. Meetings will be held every other Monday from then on.
“Feminism Club is about the girl who’s confused,” Neumann said, “or the guy who’s confused and needs somewhere to turn to.”