Winter play pushed back to Dec 10-12


By Shreya Thakkar (@shreyathakkarr)
Prospect graduate Steve Calzaretta is back as Prospect as the director of the winter play “Peter Pan.” The play was set to premiere Dec. 3, 4 and 5 but now is pushed back a week to Dec. 10, 11 and 12 to give the 40-member cast another week to prepare.
Calzaretta’s main goal with the show is to get as many kids involved as possible.
“Apparently [the winter play] hasn’t done so well in the past several years,” Calzaretta said. “[I’m] just [trying] to get a lot of kids involved this year and let them know there’s a new director and we’re going to try to do something edgy and more creative things every year.”
Calzaretta wrote this adaptation of Peter Pan, and tried to stick to the story for the beginning and the end, but “the middle gets all lots of crazy and it’s just goofy” to entertain the audience and ensure that the students enjoy being involved in the production.
According to freshman Jacob Siefke, who plays a pirate named Smee, his goal is to put on a good show.
“[I want to] make the audience laugh, do the part, and do it well,” Siefke said.