Film shines 'Spotlight' on important subject


By Flynn Geraghty, executive features editor
I come from two very Irish Catholic families. So, even though I don’t go to church on a regular basis nowadays, I still feel like Catholicism is a part of who I am. That’s why I am disgusted priests or members of the clergy that have molested children have gotten away with it, simply because the Catholic church has that much power.
The film ‘Spotlight’ focuses on a group of reporters (Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Brian d’Arcy James) who are doing an in-depth investigation on this very topic for the Boston Globe.
Just by being a film on that very subject makes me appreciative. I don’t know of any other film that has ever touched on this issue. Even if this movie was terrible, I would still commend its effort to educate the public on a topic that shockingly many people either don’t know about or have turned a blind eye to.
Luckily, the film has many other merits to be credited for.
The acting is fantastic. From Ruffalo to McAdams, the main cast was well chosen and strongly commit to their roles throughout the entirety of the film.
Many have said Keaton stole the show and deserves to win Best Actor for his performance. While I agree he did an amazing job, I feel he deserved it more for his performance in ‘Birdman,’ and this time around he was overshadowed by the other phenomenal performances in the cast.
My personal favorite was Stanley Tucci’s portrayal of Mitchell Garabedian, a lawyer who defends those abused by priests. He starts off seeming like a very stereotypical grump who isn’t going to be of any help, but as the film progresses, the audience gets to see a less-hardened side of him and he becomes one of the most enjoyable characters in the movie. His character was not only well written, but heartfelt. If possible, I hope he’s nominated for Best Supporting Actor, because he totally earned it.
The film can stumble a bit when it comes to the problems the characters have to face. At times, these small conflicts seem a bit repetitive as they all have the same tone and feel to them. However, this is a very, very small nitpick. It didn’t bother me much and didn’t stop me from greatly enjoying the movie.
It bums me out this movie is overshadowed at the box office by the new Star Wars and some lackluster comedies. Not a lot of people I know have heard about it, much less thought about seeing it, which is a shame because it was one of the few movies I saw in the past year I thought was worth supporting in the theater.
I appreciate this film not only as a journalist; I appreciate it as a Catholic and a supporter of the efforts that people make to stop injustices like these. I don’t think ‘Spotlight’ is just a good film, I think it’s a phenomenal film. I would go so far as to call it the best film of 2015.