Picking the top news stories of the decade: honorable mentions

In time for the Prospector’s last issue of the decade, the Prospector picked the decade’s top moment in Prospect news. The top 10 will be presented in Thursday’s print issue of the paper; until then, here are the honorable mentions that just missed the cut.
Auto club has its first auto show-Issue date: Friday April 23, 2008
Choir teacher Mr. Whitney resigns- Issue date: Friday April 11, 2008
Grim Reaper Day, 60 students and faculty “die” to represent the effects of drunk driving- Issue date: Friday April 17, 2000
New Principal, Kurt Laakso, comes to Prospect- Issue date: Friday February 23, 2007
Prospect hosts the first Rock’o’gym- Issue date: Friday May 23, 2008
Prospect Marching nights win the U of I band competition nine times in the past decade
No Child Left Behind act introduced to Prospect and the rest of the nation- Issue date: Friday October 24, 2003
Seven Prospect students get a perfect ACT score, highest composite score in the district- Issue date: Thursday December 2, 2008
Prospect gymnastics coaches take down robber- Issue date: Friday September 14, 2007