Senior finals qualifications determined


By Bridgette Jasinski, executive opinion editor
After much speculation as to how seniors will qualify for exemption from second semester finals, the information is finally out.
In order to be exempt from taking second semester final exams, seniors must have an A, B or C in the class. Seniors must also have all detentions served by May 20 in order to be exempt from second semester finals.
If a senior has a D or below in a class, they will be required to take the final exam for that specific class. Unserved detentions will result in a required final exam for each class.
These new stipulations differ from previous years as they does not take into account any sort of standardized test scores. According to counselor Todd Soderwall, seniors who scored well on the Prairie State Exam were exempt from second semester senior finals in previous years.
This was changed due to the fact that current seniors instead took the PARCC test, which was deemed an unsuitable manner to determine whether or not seniors should be exempt from second semester exams.
“PARCC was really used to measure College readiness,” Soderwall said. “And “Common Core” standards across the country.”
Though this news is exciting for seniors who likely will not have to worry about second semester finals, the news is not as important to seniors in many AP classes, like Veronica Boratyn. Boratyn is enrolled in all AP classes and will wind up taking an “overall cumulative exam” before the AP exam anyways.
However, for seniors who are not so heavily loaded with AP coursework, the new stipulations for being exempt from second semester final exams come as good news.
“There’s a lot of people who aren’t taking so many AP classes,” Boratyn said. “I think they do deserve not to have to take those finals.”