Staff editorial: Rumors run rampant, must relent


Staff editorial represents the opinion of the entire Prospector staff. Staff members voted in support of this editorial 19-0.
In response to recent events in the Prospect community, a major problem has come into play. As each of us finds out what happened, we turn to our friends to make sure they’ve heard, too. Then we turn to Twitter, to Facebook, and to each other, not to share the hard facts, but to add our own commentary.
In Prospect’s halls, harsh words are spoken over things as small as the Kairos retreat. This is a high school, and kids will be cruel. However, when any accusation turns serious, we must respond in kind. What we say now doesn’t solely bruise feelings. Our words are intertwined with the lives of community members and the future of their family.

We, The Prospector, believe that before discussing recent events, we must turn our thoughts to who our conversations hurt.

Relentless gossip is painless to spread, but it is crushing to hear, and in this instance presents several serious problems.
Moreover, what you say, like, and share is not limited to you or your friends. In many instances, it is visible to the entire community, including the friends and family of whoever’s situation you are making light of. Regardless of how badly you want others to feel your frustration, it is not only the perpetrator who has to deal with any harsh words you share. Their friends and family bear the brunt of that burden, despite being completely uninvolved in the alleged crime itself. It is our job to respect the difficulty their family goes through. They have more to deal with than harsh comments from students who don’t even know them.
With Prospect students and community members in mind, there are few moves you can make. You can turn conversation about recent tragedy on its head and instead discuss with your peers the dangers of sexual crimes and the importance of coming forward if you are a victim. But you must understand the difference between real information and useless gossip. If you don’t have relevant information, your kindest, most responsible option is to turn from the topic completely and live life as you would have a week ago.