Dance team returns from state


MSL Dance 062By Jess Darcy, features editor
Senior Claire Marzolf has been dancing since she was three, and through that whole time she has never lost what the meaning of dance is to her.
“I love dance because it’s a way to get feelings out and it just feels good,” Marzolf said. “It’s something that just comes naturally at this point.”
Her love for dancing has never faltered, even when the dance team at Prospect had an interesting time at their IHSA state competition.
Marzolf said that when a team member did an added aerial in the last portion of the dance, the judges took off five points for having half shoes on.
The team was shocked as well as disappointed because the deduction knocked them down eight places, putting them in 20th.
The competition took place at U.S. Cellular in Bloomington, and it was a good opportunity for the new team to spread their wings. The team had qualified for state last year and wanted to make this year even better. But this is the dance team’s second year, so because they didn’t know all of the IHSA rules, they let in a pretty upsetting mistake.
Marzolf said that the mishap was still a good learning experience, and was actually kind of funny to the team because of the sheer magnitude the error caused. But Marzolf said the team would definitely not be making the error again.
Despite this frustration, the team still managed to have a good experience. The team left school early and stayed in a hotel, giving them a long time to spend with each other.
“[The competition] was really just fun because it was with all the people I love and it was in such an exciting atmosphere.” Marzolf said. “There is so much energy and everyone is so competitive. There is such a driving nature to it all.”