Mixed Company, Company prepare for last performance of year


By Ayse Eldes, executive opinion editor
Following a year of stressful competitions and hours of rehearsals, Mixed Company, Company and Combo came together this week to prepare for Prospect’s End of the Year Show. The performers are ready for Friday to put on what marks the end of a competitive year for the fine arts department.
The show’s first half consists of Company and Mixed Company performing together, while the second half will showcase various numbers from their shows this year along with Combo’s “Vehicle” by Paul Jennings.  What makes Act One particularly important for the show is the performances seniors had the opportunity to put together on their own. Mixed Company’s director Jennifer Troiano believes, especially for seniors, the End of Year Show is a rite of passage for the performers.
“It’s really more of a goodbye,” Troiano said. “This is our celebration. Like anything, there’s ups and downs, this is our up.”
Senior Grace Gadow will be performing “Two Birds” by Regina Spektor with senior Olivia Karnes as a duet act. However, what Gadow is looking forward to most is the performance that will most likely bring tears to the audience and stage. The whole cast will be singing “You Raise Me Up” by Roger Emerson as they give flowers to their loved ones in the audience.
“It’s like saying ‘thank you’ through a beautiful song,” Gadow said.
The End of the Year Show will also be accompanied by visiting alumni joining the stage with “Dream” by Jeremy Alfera and “Breakaway” by Allan Billingsley. Company performer Danielle Russo’s older sister Jenny Russo is one of the alumni who is welcomed almost every year to visit during the show. The feeling is especially memorable for those who have older siblings visiting.
“It’s always fun to see Jenny come back,” Toriano said. “I keep in touch with [alumni] all year.”
Gadow will also be following in the footsteps of her older sister who is now a sophomore in college. Starting off as a crew member, Gadow recalled how emotional it was watching her sister say goodbye during the show. Now getting ready for her last performance on stage, she knows she will be definitely coming back next year as a freshman in college.
“I was crying when my sister was leaving,” Gadow said. “When you come back, it’s just like home.”