The anticipated (and dreaded) films of 2010

By Kelly Rose McAleer

Youth in Revolt – Michael Cera, you are golden no matter what you do. I love how this movie shows him as his usually funny/awkward character, but also as a suave, seductive version of himself. Refreshing! (January 8th)

"Dear John"
"Dear John"

Dear John – I actually have mixed feelings about ANOTHER Nicholas Spark book-turned-movie — with “The Notebook” and “A Walk to Remember” I definitely felt as if the movie versions pwn the books. The trailer made me curious, so I wikipedia’d the synopsis. It’s depressing; romantics will feel bittersweet about the ending, at least if they stay with the book’s plot. (February 5)
Valentine’s Day – I adore Anne Hathaway’s movies about 90% of the time. . I want to see Taylor Lautner act as a character besides Sharkboy and Jacob and see if his acting skillz are for real. Jessica Biel is hilarious in the trailer. It’s like “He’s Just Not That Into You” except I’m actually FOND of these actors/actresses (=Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Topher Grace, Julia Roberts, , Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner) (February 12)

The Wolfman – Emily Blunt is another actress I adore, even though she is marrying John Krasinski, aka Jim from “The Office” (he is MINE, Blunt!). These werewolves are not the werewolves of Twilight. We’re going back in time to vicious supernatural creatures and long dresses and real terror. I’m pumped. (Feb. 12)

Shutter Island – I read the book. Well, I read the end of the book because I knew there was somehting going on in this movie and I wanted to know what. Now I’m really excited for the film version…though my feelings for Leonardo DiCaprio are mixed…You may have peaked in “Titanic,” kiddo. (Feb. 19)
Alice in Wonderland – Tim Burton always does cool stuff, and I’m glad that Alice is being played by an “unknown,” Mia Wasikowska.  The fact that the story is about the RETURN of Alice really makes it that much more interesting. And, of course, Johnny Depp’s madness shall be splendid to see. (March 5)
Remember Me – OK, another spoiler for me. Robert Pattinson is in this, as is Pierce Brosnan , and the trailer showed love, lies and Pattinson throwing a desk through a window. I had to find out more, since it looked like Pattinson was actually acting splendidly in this movie — with a dead-on American accent! (Better than Jim Sturgess’ in “21”). So…I may have a copy of this script. And I read it. End first, of course. Pattinson is a college student who has no idea where he’s headed. All he knows is that he’s mad at his dad and dating the daughter of a cop that beat him up. Spoiler: It will be GREAT. Very memorable  (March 12)
The Clash of the Titans – Finally! A Greek movie where the gods are involved! (*cough,* “Troy”!) Plus their Kraken is so much scarier than the one in Pirates of the Caribbean… (March 26)
How to Train your Dragon – At first I was excited that Gerard Butler is in this, but it’s animation :/ But hey, I appreciate movies about dragons and Vikings. Vikings are not explored as much as they could be! P.S. – the main character’s name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third.
The Last Song – I like the Nicholas Sparks book and want to see if Miley Cyrus can pull off this role or not. The book is cool, though there’s a surplus of God and love. But hey, some people like that. I think they call them “normal,” so I’ll just shut up 🙂 (April 2)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid – YESSS!!! FINALLY!! I LOVE THESE BOOKS! If I know you, I’ve probably told you to read these books (Keelan…). Yes, my eight-year-old brother, Matt, loves them. But so do I. They are hilarious. And weird. And kinda gross. Just like you would expect the thoughts of a young boy to be. I LOVE IT. Seeing it in movie form may be the highlight of my year — and I’m definitely seeing it with Matt. (April 2)

Date Night – Tina Fey and Steve Carrell as a married couple on the run from hitmen who mistook them for another couple + Mark Wahlberg without a shirt = BLISS. (April 9)

A Nightmare on Elm Street – Just because they shot at Hersey and Elk Grove. Plus Kellan Lutz from Twilight is in it (hunk alert!). (April 30)
Iron Man 2 – This is a film to see after you take that cursed AP test(s). I love Robert Downey Jr. I would marry him. He plays Tony Stark/IronMan with such charisma and humanity…and Mickey Rourke is in the sequel! YES! And Scarlett Johansson , but I’m not sure how I feel about her. She’s going to have red hair, so cool. Gwyneth Paltrow, I find your acting lacking, but Downey Jr’s can make up for it. Also starring…DON CHEADLE (of “Ocean’s 11”) as Iron Man’s right-hand man. Score! (May 7)
Letters to Juliet – looks a bit predictable, but CUTE. I love when old people find true love. And I adore Amanda Seyfried (“Jennifer’s Body,” anyone?) (May 14)
Sex and the City 2 I loved the first SatC movie, but how can they possibly top THAT off?! (May 28)
The Karate Kid Jackie Chan, I don’t care about you. But Jaden Smith is such a cutie! (June 11)
Toy Story 3 I’m going to cry. Andy goes off to college and his mom dumps his old toys at a pre-school. Awwww! (June 18)

"The Last Airbender"
"The Last Airbender"

Avatar: The Last Airbender Based on that Nickleodeon show I can’t stop watching…this movie is not a cartoon. Live action! Two words: Jackson. Rathbone.  (July 2)
Ramona and Beezus – I’m sentimental like that. And Selena Gomez as Beezus shall entertain! (Based on the children’s books by Beverly Cleary)  (August 13)

Legion movies where God gives up on people and humanity is ending just depress the hell outta me.
Tooth Fairy OK, Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson, stop doing silly kid movies. It’s not that you’re a bad actor, but you’re falling right where Vin Diesal went with “the Pacifier.” And I haven’t heard of any Vin Diesal films recently… (January 22)
When in Rome I loathe Kristen Bell. I loathe Rom-Coms whose plot I can predict just by seeing the trailer. And ask my friends; my predictions in film/television plots are usually dead on. So movies like this do nothing for me. Girl goes to Rome, makes wish, wonders if she’s really in love with boy and he’s for reals in love with her or its just magic, he gets confused, misunderstandings, big sappy monologue, Kiss, END. Bleh. Sorry if I ruined it for you :/ (January 29)
Kick-Ass Stop trying to be the new Superhero movie. I prefer Marvel. JUST LEAVE US ALONE! (April 16)
Robin Hood this story has been told a billion times. And Russell Crowe, you have seen better days. Like “Gladiator.” (May 14)
Shrek Forever After STOP THE SEQUELS, ALREADY! (May 21)
Marmaduke I hate that comic, and that dumb dog,  and I’m SO put-off that my lover, Lee Pace of “Pushing Daisies,” is going to be the dad in this movie. Urgh! (June 4)
London Boulevard – I have no idea what this plot is about. I actually know nothing about this movie except that Keira Knightley is in it. I am sick of her and her period pieces.STOP PLAYING THE SAME CHARACTERS! Get a nutritionist so you can gain some weight! Jeez. (August 15)