Freshmen uknight with school at 1Prospect


By Jack Ryan, executive social media editor
When Prospect freshmen walked through Jean Walker Field House doors this past Friday, they walked into a room filled with LINK (Leading Incoming Knights) leaders holding up signs with universities’ logos, ranging from Northwestern University to Western Illinois University.
Sitting on the bleachers, everyone in the field turned their heads as Prospect’s drumline came marching in. When the assembly came to an end, the freshmen walked out of the field house, officially starting their day as a part of 1Prospect.
1Prospect coordinator, Lauren Collins, helped start this event along with English teacher Danielle Menacker. They gathered multiple faculty members to administer the freshmen throughout the day.
Joining the faculty members were 45 LINK leaders who assisted the faculty members throughout the day to make sure the freshmen were comfortable in their activities.
These activities ranged from team building exercises, where freshmen had to use raw noodles and a marshmallow to build a structure, to learning about social media ettiquette.
Throughout the day LINK, leaders and freshmen asked Collins where the name 1Prospect originated from since, according to freshman Claire Doherty, it’s an unusual name.
“The name 1Prospect comes up with, you’re one person coming into Prospect, [and] we’re all one big group, [but] you’re still one individual,” Collins said.
Collins, along with other faculty members, hoped this day was a positive way to integrate freshmen into the Prospect community.
According to Collins, at orientation, freshmen are normally overwhelmed with the amount of information they are given, and she wanted 1Prospect to also be a day where they could ask questions about how Prospect works.
Heading into 1Prospect, Doherty knew that her grade would work as a team in activities to help create unity between all the freshmen. Even before 1Prospect began, one of Doherty’s goal while at Prospect was to broaden her horizon and make more friends, similar to what Collins hoped 1Prospect would do for freshmen.
At the end of day, Doherty is excited for the school year since she is excited to have that school spirit that Prospect is known for and to cheer on her classmates with whatever they do.
When 1Prospect ended, Collins hoped freshmen left with an understanding of what Prospect’s goals are.
“Our overall goal [as faculty members] is for freshmen to have tools and an understanding of how Prospect works and what their resources are, but also how they can explore their passions at Prospect and be a part of this amazing school,” Collins said.